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How To Protect Your Credit Cards / ATM When Shopping Online

Many Online Applications now support the using of Credit Cards popularly known in 9ja as ATM cards for payment, This reduce the efforts of going to bank and queue from morning till evening and you will still never get your registration card. A close different story is when you want to apply for admission from an institution that’s far away from your residence place, you’ll be shocked that the registration card will not be avialable in your city, you may need to travel a long distance to purchase the registration card. Some has lost their admission due to these reason because at the end they failed to obtain the registration card and do their application.

But with the usage of ATM cards to make payment online and register for your examination, Many students are happy for this great advancement that happen the Education and Internet section, though many Online expert has been enjoying the usage of their ATM cards to purchase and shop online for a very long time.

But now that’s widely use among innocent Nigerian students who don’t know how to secure their ATM cards from fraudsters, I’ve seen some sending their ATM Cards details to third party in other to make registration on their behalf which is very very move. I have shortlisted ways you can use your ATM cards securely and perfectly and I hope this post find its way to Nairaland First Page to help Secure Innocent Nigerians ATM Cards from fraudster.

Change Your PIN immediately after each transaction

After every transaction you made online with your ATM cards, be sure to go and change your PIN immediately. Your credit card PIN is very precious to a fraudster even than your CVV2 number and any other card details, without your PIN there is basically nothing any crook will do with your funds. Do you know your PIN allows direct withdrawals of cash from your account? Your PIN should be the last thing you’ll ever tell anybody

Use Your Credit Card Only on Trusted Sites

There are some fake sites that are just design to wheedle out your credit cards information and some shopping sites doesn’t have adequate security to protect your credit from fraud. be aware of those sites and never use your ATM cards on them.

Don’t Send Your Credit Cards Info to Anyone

This is very common among our Nigerian students, they’ll want other person to do the registration for them and they will send all their ATM card detail to that person, including their PIN, I’ve witnessed a case where a guy use another person ATM cards to buy a laptop online cost N56,000. you should never send your ATM cards details to anyone!

Protect your Computer

The next step to secure your ATM cards and your online transaction is to secure your computer, you should never think of shopping online or use your credit card with a computer that’s riddled with viruses, spyware or malware and keyloggers.

I think I’ve said enough to keep save your ATM cards, but in any case you are suspicious of fraudulent transaction on your Account, be sure to notify your Bank Immediately.


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