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Female Health -- Learn Early Symptoms Of Tubal Adhesion

Tubal adhesion is a common cause of female infertility. In this case, the sperm can not normally get into the oviduct, let alone combining with the egg. Even if the fertilized egg has been made, it still can not smoothly get into the uterine cavity due to the adhesion. And in some cases, it may cause ectopic pregnancy, which seriously affect female friend health.

The prevention of tubal adhesion is important, to avoid excruciating experience and complex treatments later. So what are the early symptoms of tubal adhesion?

The doctors point out that the most common symptom is painful sensation, which involves the low abdomen and can appear as swelling pain, dull pain, tingling pain, sharp pain and other phenomena.

Because each patient with different degrees of tubal adhesion, the pain degree varies. It is recommended that patients should get regular hospital inspection in time. After knowing the diagnosis result under the guidance of the doctor, the suitable treatment can be made.

The cause of tubal adhesion may be related to infection following gynecologic surgery. After artificial abortion and other surgeries, due to some informal operations or loose disinfection, it is likely to cause gynecological inflammation, thereby causing tubal adhesion.

Furthermore, infections may occur after delivery or miscarriage. The patient's body is relatively weak after surgery, and the cervical opening in the expansion of the uterus do not close very well. Bacteria in the vagina and cervix may enter into the fallopian tubes, resulting in inflammation and adhesion phenomena.

It should be noticed that not paying attention to personal hygiene during menstruation can make female friends at risk of getting infected. During the menstruation, the endometrium of the uterus will be stripped off, and the blood sinuses inside the uterus walls will open up. Since the female reproductive system is very fragile, it is very prone to infection due to bacteria infection.

Besides, the spread of inflammation in neighboring organs can also lead to tubal adhesion. So dealing with inflammations should not be ignored when having tubal adhesion. Usually, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is a nice option to eliminate inflammation and kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Also, in daily life, you should pay attention to menstrual hygiene. Daily cleaning and clothing change should be stressed. Preventing infection after abortion or delivery is likewise significant. The patient postpartum constitution is weak, so her family should take care of her and keep her diet healthy.

Doctors also often suggest that you need to watch out inflammation in other reproductive systems. When having appendicitis or peritonitis, the inflammation areas are actually connected to the female's internal organs, which will make the inflammation passed onto the pelvic cavity and induce pelvic inflammatory disease. So don’t relax your vigilance.

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