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Effectively Treat Fever Using Onions, See How

Onion are highly nutritious and can be used for many purposes. They're natural cure for many health problems and they contains many medicinal properties.
     Onions could be used to cure many Illness but today we'll talk on how to use it to cure fever. 
Onions can be effectively used to cure fever and it has been medically proven to be very effective
   The following ways are the method in which onions can be used to cure fever

1. Get a large onion and slice into thin halves

2. Rub coconut oil on the slices

3. Put the 3-4 slices of onions under your feet and tie it with a piece of clothing to stick it to your leg

4. Leave it overnight.
   Try this remedy in case you're down with fever and you'll be impressed by the effects. Don't forget to share this with many others, thanks


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