UNCONVENTIONAL Tips To Help You Ace The PLAB 2 OSCE Examination

UNCONVENTIONAL Tips To Help You Ace The PLAB 2 OSCE Examination

UNCONVENTIONAL Tips To Help You Ace The PLAB 2 OSCE Examination Abel  

4 years ago

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I have given the plab2 exam twice. When I gave it the first time , I was very confident I was
going to pass however I didn’t and even though it hurt me too much I picked myself up and
performed the best I can for my second attempt. I didn’t want to leave any Stone unturned so I
did everything possible in my power and made my mind that I am going to pass this exam even
if it takes me Four attempts or the world ends.

Determination guys ! Be Determined that you are going to pass no matter what. Let life throw at
you whatever it may be Divorce , Death of a loved one , Job loss , Home loss , Wealth loss ,
your spouse’s mistrust that you can’t do it WHATEVER it maybe KEEP IT ASIDE.


Determined that no matter how long it takes YOU WILL DO IT , YOU WILL PASS and You will
text Dr Nafia and tell her “ Ma’am you were right all along , I did it !”

TIP NUMERO UNO : Let go of your selfishness to pass this exam , don’t do it because you get
Citizenship in the UK , your children and spouses get benefits in the UK , It’s a pride thing oh
you are in the UK wow that’s so cool. NO , do it because you want to make yourself a better
person , a better Doctor and also because this is just one of the challenges that life has thrown
at you !

Let’s start with the other tips :
1, When you have a New Case in the exam Please have this mnemonic in your mind “VITAMIN
C , D”

VASCULITIS/ VASCULAR CAUSE of the presenting complaint.
- Ask History of(H/O) Chest pain , swelling in the legs , bleeding into mouth elbows knees spontaneously, skin ulcers , decreased physical activity , Birth control pills in women

- Pain in the joints , Stiffness and are these complaints increased by activity or exertion

- H/O injury , hurting themselves in an accident or self harm

- F/H of autoimmune conditions , Tiredness

- Increased thirst, Frequent trips to the loo, Ethnicity - Cystic Fibrosis in whites , Coeliac disease in
Irish , Sickle cell anaemia in Blacks.

- Fever , Cough and Cold , Sore throat not Flu like symptoms ; please avoid using flu like symptoms

- ALARM Symptoms [mnemonic]
i.  Anaemia (iron deficiency)
ii. Loss of weight
iii. Anorexia


Recent onset of progressive symptoms
v.  Melaena / haematemesis
vi. Swallowing difficulty

- H/O Childhood infections , disorders , cancers

- H/O using PLAB2 FAV DRUGS : Ramipril, Amiodarone , Amitryptiline , Insulin , Warfarin, Apixaban etc.

2. Please study among each other by forming groups. Group study is the only way you can get
through not only this exam but every other exam in your life until you retire. Dont take it on your
pride if people younger to you are performing well. It’s ok , let them live in their bubble that they
know everything when in fact medicine is always like the more you know about something the
further away you get from other topics. Maybe the Newbie is good at one topic and weak at
other topics , keep ego aside and always work on each other’s weaknesses.



If there’s a topic in your exam you are scared of , practice that every single day read about it
until the fear of that topic has been emptied from your mind and soul. When you are going for
the exam , you should be confident about all the topics. Even if you were not able to read the
entire NICE guideline it’s ok Just make sure you have practised atleast once all the scripts.

4. Cut your hair well in advance both men and women. Women , if you are not wearing a hijab
please blow dry your hair and make them look presentable. Try not to go to an exam with High
buns and messy hair. Yes Maybe you have seen Native Doctors in the UK in tattered low waist
jeans , tattoos and high buns , do all that after you have passed your plab2. Go like a
professional first , get your stuff sorted then you can think of not following decorum and being
cool and all that.

5. Never loose your cool on your patients even if they are annoying.


Even if they are attacking
you with personal comments , even if they are asking you if you smoke or take drugs, You can
take drugs and smoke if you want to it’s your life however , in the exam you are there for your
patient not for going on about your personal choices and preferences.

6. Be honest and say I don’t know what is wrong with you. I have quite a few different condiions
in my mind and I would like to do some tests and get help from an experienced senior. I know
you maybe shocked by my response but I want to do what is right for you. END OF STORY !
Don’t sit there numb and shocked that you didn’t read this script and you don’t know what to
say. Communicate to your patient because if you don’t tell your simulator or your patient what is
on your mind they might assume they are going to DIE and you don’t know what to do with that.
So please , communicate than just sitting there and hanging your head in shame. Even the most
Prestigious Doctor in this world doesn’t know what case he is going to find in his consultation
next !

7. Feel your anxiety. Worry and Stress. However avoid Negative emotions.


Some people are
really good at saying Drs please help me I did everything and still failed. No Dr so and so you
didnt do everything and failed. You failed because you didnt grow as a person while taking the
exam. PLAB2 changes you ! It changes you inside out , it makes you the BEST VERSION OF


If while preparation , you didn’t experience HOW MUCH YOU HAVE CHANGED then I
am sorry to break it you but you will still not make it. PUSH yourself beyond your own realms
and when you get your result look at the journey as one of self discovery.

8. Read the Question on the door very carefully. Be Aware what department you are in and
what the task asks you to do. You don’t need Beta Blockers and Weed or a Cigarette to focus ,
you need your determination. You need courage and you need to train your brain and mind that
you are going to pass no matter what ! Look at the case and patient’s posture before offering
handshake. Offer handshake to your colleagues like FY1 , NURSE , NURSING STUDENT etc
for the Simulators if you enter they are sitting with their arms folded across their chest which is a
defensive position then try not to offer handshake coz they are obviously angry , concerned or
thinking deeply. Rather you must spend your time offering them the warmth in your voice that
we are here for you and let’s solve this together.


Smiling : Smile when you have explained to
your Simulator that for example : “ Look you do have something that sounds and looks alarming
like SubConjuctival hemorhhage but it actually goes away on it’s own.” Not like a mock smile but
a comforting one , one that you tell your kids/nieces and nephews when you kiss their Boo-Boos
goodbye !

9. Inside the cubicle when you speak of management , do all your work and involve your senior
in the end. Keep your senior as the last resort not someone you can easily push your work onto
and escape. That’s what it sounds like when you involve your senior as the first or second point
in management.

10. Act like an FY2 not like a consultant. This is NOT paces , MRCP this is plab and you are
required to act and do your job like fy2. If you don’t know what an FY2 does then check out the
video by a Dr who worked as an FY2 on Road to UK website. Please once again , google it and
search , use some of your own effort because in life nobody hands things to you in a platter
without an agenda. Sure , Plab2 tutors like me can give you free information and correct some
things which are wrong but We Cannot give the exam for you or predict your future. We cannot
even spoon feed you if you throw us huge amounts of money because at the end of the day
you’d still fail as you didn’t try enough.


If you want to ask for help , state the research and then
say I am still confused !

11.  PAUSE ! Give and Take appropriate pauses in your exam , yes you are in this constant
pressure to finish all the management you so effectively learnt over the last few months but trust
me Your Simulator is a HUMAN BEING not Artificial Intelligence which can process your words
at 100 kmph. Although you are tempted to show off , please remember to allow HUMAN
BEINGS time to process information. Please don;t think just coz 19 other candidates told them
the same thing that you are saying means those guys are like Professionals in that cubicle.
Every station is new for you and for them. Don’t let prejudice ruin your performance. Even if you
have less time to speak management , it’s ok atleast say the basic stuff like what is wrong with
you and what we will do for you and what you must watch out for

12. Lastly , Good Luck with the exams and this journey of PLAB2. It is the most beautiful
journey of your life , even better than the day you got married or gave birth. It stays with you
throughout your life and the respect that you get on that day is worth fighting for and Nobody in
this world will ever treat you like how the staff and simulators of GMC PLAB2 division treats you.
If you would give me another chance I would definitely hug everyone there working so hard for
us. They are great guys ! They genuinely wish well for you ! I can say that because I went
through a lot of tragedies in my life and I found myself there in the exam hall with all these
amazing people who respected me even though I did a very bad job the first time around.


have these warm smiles and when you look at them you literally know they have kept all their
tragedies behind them just so they can make things better for you ! That’s what you will do too,
no matter your parents yelled at you the night before , your practice partner criticised you that
you didn’t attend the right academy and mocks, your spouse called you names or whatever, you
have only Two Dimes left in your pocket etc , etc .. Just leave the tragedy behind and
experience the exam as one which makes you feel like a DOCTOR in it’s real sense..

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