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The Dos And Don'ts Of The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The Dos And Don'ts Of The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Abel  

3 years ago

~4.7 mins read
" All you need is practice"

I have completed my internship this May. It took me about 2 month to grasp a good hold over the entire system.

I am gonna cut it short...


1) I always read the entire question first. I never went for the passage directly. For each question I made a clear picture in my mind. Marked the key points so that I can easily find them in the passage. After having done with the question, I again went for the 1st question of each part.
I mean, if the questions are divided into 3 parts like 1-3, 4 -11, 12-14. I almost completely memorized the number 1, 4, 12.

Now go for the passage. Start reading. I have found that almost 80% of the question came from first two lines and last two lines of each passage. So if read very minutely this 4 lines.
but to nail the score you have to go for the rest 20% percent too, for this just go through the middle portion of the section quickly. But not as minutely as the first and last four lines. If you are not sure enough of confused that answer might be here than put a STAR mark beside that portion, then come back later.

when you find an answer, Suppose you found answer of number 4. try to right in the question paper immediately.Then go for number 5, if possible 6. In the meantime keep searching for number 1 and 12. If you find the answers do exactly like before. This way you go on. If you cant find an answer dont worry about it. Go for the next one. because you have already read the entire questions and you have an overall idea about the question. This is a bit complex. But this was my strategy.

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Cinque Terre
and believe me, my time never exceeded 20 minutes, both at home and in the real exams.

and please dont waste too much time on a single answer. If you cant find it or if u are confused. write the first thing that pops up into your head. 90% time you will be correct. U can guarantee you that.

and please dont panic if by chance one passage took u more than 20 minutes. The question is arranged in such a away that u are definitely gonna finish the next passage within 16 minutes.

2) for practice, I did all the 40 passages of 10 books of cambridge ielts. I will suggest you do the 4-10 books. total 28 passages. Including the "section three" portion of general training. This is enough. I suggest you, try to research over the answers that from which portions of the passages they came.

3) If you are still struggling over the reading portion. You can do one thing. Take one passage. Go to the back of the book, Collect the answers. Then search the answers in the text. After few passages you will have a feeling that you know from which portion of the passages the answer might come. Then after you have built your confidence start practicing.


1) This is my favorite part. For listening there ain't any strategy except the practice. Do all the 40 test of 10 books of cambridge ielts.

2) There is a small strategy I follow. when the tape says that, " first look at question 1-5. " if you find this 5 question rather simple.
just quickly read those. Then, read number 6-10. Even you can go beyond that. When the tape says, " now answer question 1-5" then quickly go for 1-5. " now you have some time to look at question 6-10." U have already went through this portions. So this time just quickly go through this questions.
THen keep reading those portions u left previously. In this way u go on. I found the fill in the gaps and MCQ more difficult. So use the gaps between sections to read the questions carefully. If possible just memorise the questions and answers by making pictures in ur mind.

3) While practicing if you cant find any answers just keep rewinding the play again and again until u understand.

4) Main thing of listening is that use 30s second the gaps between sections carefully.

5) Don't panic if you miss one answer. So my suggestions is try to write everything in the question papers. that may appear to u as the answer. Dont hesitate. Always keep yourself busy . dont lose concentration.
Concentration is the main enemy of the listening portion, not your hearing capability. which u will automatically develop after practicing 40 tests.


1) The thing is it will also develop after practicing. Fear is the main enemy of speaking portion, which you will overcome after practicing it with someone. I practised speaking in Mentors Bangladesh. That really helped me.

2) There is a strategy of developing speaking ability. Before you do the practice everyday, u will always need a pace or momentum in ur speaking test. To get that pace, go to the youtube channel of "Crash course", or watch a video in "Ted". The way john green in crash course speak,I will guarantee you that this will hammer the words out of your brain. Even on the actual exam day, on the way to your examination centre. keep watching the videos or keep listening something that will give you a momentum.

3) In "ted talk" search for this video.
"Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are"
I will guarantee u that u r gonna overcome fear after watching this video.

4) for practicing u can visit dcielts website. there are lots of sample there.
A simple suggestion is that. : if you are asked a question like" do you enjoy shopping?", please never say "yes I enjoy shopping". this will reduce you number. U say, "Yes I like to do shopping whenever I get free time. In fact, I try to go various markets every month. This gives me pleasure."


1) just one suggestion blindly follow the each and everything of ryan ielts video in youtube channel. There are some model essays there. I wrote each of them in my notebook. In the exam , u will feel Mr. ryan is giving the exam with u.
This suggestion is for task 2.

2) for task 1 Bindly follow. Ielts simon website. If possible there is a book written by him for task 1.

3) increase your vocabulary. Always keep a note book with u, if u find a new word try to write it down with a meaningful sentence. On the exam day at morning, go through the note book..

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