Time Grace  

5 years ago

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See my child

is the cure for many diseases

With time your loneliness will pass

With time your happiness will comes

will wipe away your sadness

And time will bring with it gifts of fulfillment

will bring better days

And you my child will smile

Remember my child

will not wait

It is not partial

It will keep moving till it gets to you

is a period of a lifetime

Do not try to rush time

It will bring love and beauty

At its own pace

It can’t be stopped

Learn to work with it

Patience is d secret to time

Intuition and consistency is key to time

See my child

How time flies

How it steals from us all

Happiness, Love, fulfillment

Yet do not be dismayed

There is a greater force

The master of time

The one Creator that time cannot beat

See with your eyes

The future as it shines bright

The one the creator made for you

Even time with all its might

Cannot steal it and your hope..


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