The Love Story Of A Couple Who Found Love In An Interesting Place.

The Love Story Of A Couple Who Found Love In An Interesting Place.

4 years ago

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This is the kind of Love Story that you see in movies or you read in a romantic fiction, but trust me! This is real life Love Story and you don't want to miss the full details... Welcome To the exclusive LOVE STORY segment on E PLUS the Storyteller Blog... Keep Reading!



E PLUS The Storyteller: Kolawole Ipaye.. you are welcome to the exclusive Online chat interview column tagged: *MEET THE GUEST..hosted by E PLUS the Storyteller.*


Kolawole Ipaye: Thank you


E PLUS The Storyteller: You have such an interesting nick name- @Lovedoctor.Kollar

What's the story behind it?😊

Kolawole Ipaye


Kolawole Ipaye: Oh that? Lol

I'm actually a relationship Counselor. It all started while I was in Secondary School. I had this passion for settling disputes between two lovers.


Then, over time I began to develop myself on it. Before I came about the name, I've been given several names like love priest, lover boy, doctor, etc.

Then the name “Lovedoctor Kollar” dropped on my mind

Yeah that's it 😊


E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm.. so it looks like your skill paid off eventually.. congratulations on tying the knot.


Kolawole Ipaye: Hahaha! you can say that again 😆. Thank you.


E PLUS The Storyteller: You are welcome.😊

You have such an amazing love story, do you mind sharing more?


Kolawole Ipaye: Ohhh really?

Actually I never had an intention of sharing my private life on social media, but the joy I felt in my heart made me do that. She deserves more than just tying the knot, I must say.


Like I said in my previous post, we both finished from Nigerian Navy Secondary School Ojo Lagos. She was my junior in school and I never for once, had any conversation with her then, until we met on Facebook. It may shock you to know that I jokingly sent her an online proposal on her birthday which was on the 28th September, 2014. If you don't mind, can I send you some screenshots of our conversation in 2014?


E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm.. really interesting! Looks like you also have a way with words?😊


Kolawole Ipaye:










 And that was how the courtship started.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Absolutely amazing!!!😄


Kolawole Ipaye:Lol


E PLUS The Storyteller: So was there any time you had a re-think?


Kolawole Ipaye: Of course, there was. We are from different backgrounds, though same faith so it is well expected. There were misunderstandings, arguments and frictions, but through it all, we still Remained. I feel it will be boring if we don't go through all that. We had fun after all and understood ourselves better. We're best of friends


Kolawole Ipaye: The official proposal was on the 26th September, 2019, her birthday still. Same year thank you so much.


And we got married 28th December, 2019.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmm..


splendid! Can we say love story like yours buttress the notion that 'love knows no boundaries?'


Kolawole Ipaye: Absolutely!


E PLUS The Storyteller: As a relationship Counselor, where do you draw the line between your head and your heart?


Kolawole Ipaye: I guess this is all about setting boundaries right?


E PLUS The Storyteller: Exactly!


Kolawole Ipaye: It's all about making  futuristic decisions.

Being able to differentiate my wants from my needs. All I want is in my head while all I need lies within my heart 😊.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Interesting.. Can anyone be deliberate about finding love?


Kolawole Ipaye: No! Love finds you instead. When love finds you, it lasts forever, don't force it.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Really insightful👍.


Kolawole Ipaye: Thank you.


E PLUS The Storyteller: So, may I ask, how has life been, as a married man, thus far?


Kolawole Ipaye: Hmmm.. lol.. right now the moon is so bright and fresh that we cannot say what the future holds, but with God in it, it's definitely going to be perfect.


I'm so sure of that. Best friends last forever 😊


E PLUS The Storyteller: Awesome! And what will be that take home advice, for that person, who still believes there is no true love?


Kolawole Ipaye: The high time we stopped searching for true love, the better for us. Love is love, and it becomes true when we allow it find us rather than overworking ourselves searching for what isn't lost. Also, it is best for us to understand that we are bound to love as much as we can but, not everyone we love, we will end up with. Love can only be beautiful and true when both parties are best friends.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Hmmm..and this is definitely very profound👍


Kolawole Ipaye: Thank you so much.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Kolawole Ipaye a.k.a Love Doctor kollar. It's been such an amazing time, chatting with you.


Kolawole Ipaye: Thank You.


E PLUS the Storyteller was privileged to also chat with the new bride, Mrs Eunice Diamond Oyetunji now, Mrs Eunice Kolawole Ipaye.


E PLUS the Storyteller: Welcome to the exclusive Online chat interview column tagged: *MEET THE GUEST..hosted by E PLUS the Storyteller*


Eunice Diamond Kolawole: Thank you.

Eunice Diamond Ipaye


E PLUS the Storyteller: Looks like the holiday came with a double package for you?😊

And December will always be memorable?


Eunice Diamond Ipaye: Smiles is truly double for me.


Yes December to always and forever remember,  sweet one at that.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Absolutely splendid! When was that point you got the 'green light' that Kolawole is the one?😊


Eunice Diamond Ipaye: Omg! Hmm he's always keen to know everything about me. He's so concerned, caring and loving.


E PLUS The Storyteller: That means, he simply understands your love language, right?


Eunice Diamond Ipaye: Exactly! He's so gifted.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Great! So how has life been, as a married woman?


Eunice Diamond Ipaye: Hmm lovely but, still in the spirit of honeymoon 😍 He is so romantic.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Awesome!


Eunice Diamond Ipaye: Thanks.


E PLUS The Storyteller: What would be your take home advise for that person, who has given up on love?


Eunice Diamond Ipaye: Love is a beautiful feeling. be patient, be prayerful and don't ever be in a hurry. Learn to love yourself before loving anyone else. That way, you can naturally love unconditionally. Thank you very much and God bless you.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Beautifully said.👏🏻 E PLUS the Storyteller and the entire Creative team congratulate you and your husband, Mr and Mrs Kolawole Ipaye..We pray that God will continue to make this story sweeter as the day goes by.


Eunice Diamond Kolawole: Amen thanks so much and God bless.

Eunice: And have a wonderful experience in the year 2020.


E PLUS The Storyteller: Thank you🙏🏻


Now, you know, all about the Love story between Kolawole Ipaye and his heartthrob, Eunice Diamond Kolawole.


What more is there to say? Nothing, order than to keep celebrating Love, and it will all come back to you! 

 Watch out for another edition of THE  LOVE STORY, on E PLUS the Storyteller.

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  Poem, written by Azeezat Ifemide .

Are They Mad?

They’re “western”, from the saner climes; they colonized a region and ruled by instilling unimaginable fear on the ‘subjects’; they segregate the people based on their skin color and social status, rained terror on the land, leaving everyone terrified of experiencing Nightfall in Soweto…

Are They Mad?

They light creatures of like-kind on fire, watching with satisfaction, as life seeped out of the victim in the most horrific manner! They justify their dastardly act, claiming these creatures have enjoyed “better prosperity” on their land, and therefore deserve to burn! “How dare they?” they ask.

Now, I ask…

“How dare you?”

Who do you pay, for the oxygen that you inhale and carbon dioxide you exhale?

Who do you pay, for roaming the large expanse of land, on which you build, multiply and chase your dreams?

Who do you pay, for the sunshine and the rainfall that take turns to provide you comfort when you need it the most?

Is any man an island on his own!?

Are We Mad?

We respond in the exact same manner we speak vehemently against; becoming exactly what we condemn! Burning down buildings and businesses owned or co-owned by our very own; rendering our own already under-employed citizens jobless in the process. We create unrest in our own land, making a mockery of the unique privilege of experiencing a violent free independence of our motherland…

Am I Mad?

I am mad at the leaders, who have ruled and continue to rule my motherland; exchanging the baton of power as though they were running a relay race, and ruling the country with the same level of cluelessness, recklessness and irresponsibility!

I am mad at the leaders who have turned my motherland into a subject as well as, an object of ridicule that its own citizens would rather not reckon or be associated with.

I am mad at the leaders who have made successful citizens with admirable jobs, leave everything behind and flee the country under the ‘guise’ of migration, for a minus 45 degrees temperate region to rather earn a living doing ‘odd’ jobs on multiple shifts, just because the system at least, works!

I am mad at the followers, who have given in to the faulty system and would rather scam another, of their hard earned money; treating national currencies with total disregard, acting with reckless abandon!

I am mad at the followers, who have defaced my fellow resourceful, resilient and unbreakable-spirited citizens around the world, and renamed us in the most distasteful of ways!

Am I mad?

Yes, I dey mad over my beautiful country, Nigeria, a land overflowing with abundance of milk and honey. A 200 million population of the most versatile melanin dripping people, who ever graced the face of the earth!

I dey mad over the “ginger”, and the swag, and the ‘never give up’ attitude of my countrymen, which is responsible for the default statement that “oozes” from their mouths even in the most difficult situations: 

“We die here!!”

I dey mad over my country, the preferred hub, which women from every race would raher marry from; I dey mad over the distinctness of the Kente, the Ankara, and the Adire fabrics, adorned by the most proportionate and sumptuous bodies of voluptuous women,

 wey set die!!!

I dey mad over the robust African culture, the richest in the world, I dare say, expressed in Arts, in Craft, in Folklore, in Clothing, in Cuisine, in Music, and in several beautiful Languages.

I dey mad over the courageous and fearless bursting of the azonto, the etigi, and more recently, the shakushaku dance moves on the biggest and most prestigious stages across the world, in celebration of outstanding excellence!

I dey mad over the ‘baddest’ combination of the silkiest Amala, the slimiest Ewedu, the smoothest Gbegiri, and the rich local flavor of the palm oil stew, cooked  firewood style!

I dey mad over the healthy contest between different versions of jollof, which has only ensured we an even wider variety of cuisine from Africa, to the world!

At the end of the day: We’re all mad here!

However, let’s all be mad but, be not mad…

    Written by Azeezat Ifemide Adejare.










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