The Impact Of COVID-19 On Children


The Impact Of COVID-19 On Children

4 years ago

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What is covid19?

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

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Cinque Terre
It's a social disease as it easily spreads through droplets of saliva Fromm an infected person when he sneezes or coughs. 

Its symptoms varries from mild sore throat, increased body temperature, difficulty in breathing.

Effects of COVID-19 on children

Children are affected in several ways during this pandemic. 

This effects include:

Infection by the COVID-19.

Financial strain on families to cater for children during the lockdown.

Delayed education.

Social protection of children from child abusers during this lockdown.

Will children survive COVID-19?

Children survive the dreaded COVID-19 if there is early detection, adequate fluid, rest, and proper treatment in the hospital if seriously ill.


Although children show mild symptoms of the virus, they can still transmit it.


Hence basic guidelines of hand washing and social distancing should be observed.


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