I Almost Lost My Self Esteem.

I Almost Lost My Self Esteem.

4 years ago

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(A story by E PLUS the Storyteller.)

I held the letter in my hands, shivering and panting at the same time. I had been rejected for the umpteenth time. It was all adding up, seemed like the modelling profession had no room for me.


   The letter categorically stated that I wasn't qualified, even when I had sent my best pictures.


 Maybe this was my own reality I needed to accept, my friends were right after all, I have no class!This is it! It is all over!" I soliquized. 


Then I began to pack my bags, ready to return to my small, quiet town where no one is bothered about fame and conquest. Quickly, I stole a glance at the wall clock and realised that, it was close to midnight! I paused.


 "What was I thinking?"I pondered and  for a moment, it dawned on me that I had been consumed by the statuesque of society, where one's destiny is defined by the power-players and people's opinions.


Hmmm! I began to reflect on those inspiring words I had grown up to hear- "Words can't bring me down!" I whispered. 


'Everyone has an opinion and that shouldn't define me!' These words  echoed in my head.


The next day I woke up with a resolution!


Once again, I searched for more opportunities available on the website and I stumbled on a handful of modelling agencies scouting for models and I decided to apply. Then another word echoed: 


 'If you are hungry enough, go for it, before long, you will get it.' That was it! 


Few weeks later, I got called up by one of the agencies. On the day of my interview, I put on the most exotic makeup..No! not the lipstick, not the eye shadow but MY CONFIDENCE! 


Immediately, I walked into the room, one of the members of the panel smiled and stared at me. 


"Wow! You are so gorgeous!", She exclaimed.


"Thank you ma'am." I responded 


"So tell us, what's your inspiration?" Another member asked. I pondered over the question for a while, then I replied:


"I Almost Lost My Self Esteem but seeds of encouraging words, stirred me up. 


only you can come in the way of your dreams." 


"Congratulations, you just joined the team." The head of the panel announced as she handed me a letter.  At that moment, I was lost for words!

A Story by E PLUS The Storyteller.






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