Toxic: This Man Almost Killed Himself Trying To Light A Cigarette
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Affiliate Marketing
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Sporty bet scam

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Gud evening guys it ur boy Samuel James I have a new update for u 🎈
Pls read to the end ,follow and coment❤️ if u have any opinions
 I noticed some scam site and I decided to share with so u won't fall into their trap 
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1* Sporty bet adder app. 
Now let me explain how they do it , what they do is they will chat u up on WhatsApp and tell u that they have business for u but wen u cash out u will give the 30%

How do they scam??
They will tell u to fund ur spoty bet account with 3k ,2k or any amount and they will turn it to 100k ,200k ,300k,and wen u are done they will give u a link and a form to fill which u will include ur sporty bet password, phone number , pin and all other details so with that form they will have acess to ur account  and will go and withdraw all ur balance  the worst part is  they will have assess to u ATM card details 
Pls shine ur eyes o 
The second one is 
2 online job . 
How this on work is that they will tell u dat a new platform is about to be launched  and they want u to be a vendor so u should register or apply with 2k 
It a lie  it is scam and 
Also my advice for u guys is that this is a period and alot of scam site are coming up  so beware be smart be wise 
What ur opinion ???
Do u know another scam site tell me make I know  
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Ose #dailygist
Watch: This Female Elephant Kiss This Male Reporter
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Please watch below and tell me if it's possible for an elephant to fall in love with a man 👨 

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The good news that has made it to the Vawulence offices is that the traditional wedding, which was held in Davido's father's home with little family and friends present and no cameras allowed, was fully funded.

The wedding, which was originally scheduled for next year, was moved up to November 6 in order to comfort Chioma and reassure her that with or without a son, her place is assured. Their registery is scheduled to take place sometime next week, and the traditional wedding was held on that date. This comes after Chioma told Davido that there is nothing left for her to be looking at as the son that binds them together is no longer.

The Adeleke family is doing everything they can to ensure the husband and wife are okay even though both couples are still in grief and Chioma has lost a lot of weight.

Finally, it's official. Meet Mrs. Chioma Adeleke. Despite the fact that word of the new development reached the other baby mothers and my source claims that they are unhappy, Sophia Momodu has not yet called Davido to express her sympathy, despite the fact that other baby mamas have expressed their condolences.

We are currently praying with Mr. and Mrs. Adeleke that God should fully comfort them and that they return to us happy and radiant as we used to know them. A few weeks before Ifeanyi's death, her personal room was mysteriously burned, and the source of the fire was unknown until today. Her family decided she won't be returning to social media anytime soon so they don't harm her any further. It's official; Davido afterwards rang the bell.
Emma Chuma Official Write Up
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Emma chuma official Write The upcoming star in onitsha Nigeria Emma chuma official