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Hello Guys! How have you been?
It's been like ages right? I know! I know!!!
But I'm back! I'm back and better.
Sit tight as the beauty I'd be unleashing unfolds😊
Meanwhile, do you know that you're a vessel?
You should fill yourself up with water and wait for the master to turn it to wine. We have Wonder talents embedded in us, now is the time to put it to good use.
Let's all keep our hopes alive.

Manchester United: Fred Warns Arsenal And Manchester City After Carabao Cup Victory.
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According to sources, Man United star Fred has warned Arsenal and Man City that Manchester United could overtake them to the Premier League title this season.

On Sunday, Erik ten Hag led The Red Devils to a 2-0 win against Newcastle in the Carabao Cup final. It led to the end of the club's longest trophy drought in 40 years. 

Casemiro and Marcus Rashford scored first-half goals to lead the club to their first silverware since 2017 when Josè Mourinho led United to the Europa League trophy.

Manchester United are still competing in the Europa League and FA Cup, with the possibility of them winning the Premier League title. The English Club have had incredible form these past weeks, leaving them eight points behind table-toppers Arsenal.

Though, Fred appeared to accept talks of a title challenge, as he insisted United was the team with the determination.

Fred On United's Title Challenge

During an interview with TNT Brazil/ESPN, Fred insisted United can defeat Arsenal and Man City for the Premier League title.

The Brazilian said: "We know Arsenal and Manchester City are great teams, but we have our means to fight for it [the Premier League].

"Our momentum is excellent, so why not? We have three competitions left and will fight for each one of them.

"We are excited today, it is my fifth season here, and this title means a lot to me and the club's way back to the top."

"We have a lot to fight for this season yet."

Arsenal is leading the Premier League title race, with two points clear of reigning champions City while having a game in hand.

After Man United's victory on Sunday, Ten Hag vowed their Carabao Cup success was just the start. 

The Dutchman said: "It shows something, silverware, that you are on the right pathway, a good direction. It is one cup, it's February, but it shows we are on the right path. It has to be the motivation to continue on this pathway. Be happy for 24 hours but not satisfied.

"You have to celebrate because it is not business as usual. It is not a regular day. We won a trophy, and this means something. That is the feeling I get here in the UK. We won something, and we have to celebrate that.

"But, after you, they have to keep going. The players know we have a big game on Wednesday. First, we have to win the first one [trophy]. That is what we did today. I think we get a lot of inspiration from this and more confident that we can do it."

" We are still at the start to restore Manchester United to where we belong, that is winning trophies. It is the first one."

It is unlikely for United to overtake either Arsenal or Man City with their recent form to win their first league title since 2013 this season.

How To Help Kids Maintain A Healthy Body Weight
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When children are young, parents and guardians are responsible for providing an environment that helps them maintain a lifestyle that is helpful to their health. Doing the following can help your child;

​Set appropriate limits on on-screen entertainment like television, tablets, and video games.
​Help children develop and maintain a positive body image.
​Provide a calm, reassuring atmosphere at regular meal and snack time.
​Involve the family in fun physical activities
​Avoid restrictive meals and excessive exercise regimens.
​Be a positive role model for healthful eating and physical activity habits.
Regarding fitness and nutrition, the role of parents is the same no matter the size of the children. A healthy weight for children is about much more than numbers. It is about healthy behaviors such as activities for strength, flexibility, eating healthy foods, and aerobic capacity.

Here are some straightforward steps that parents can take to help kids develop positive lifestyle habits. These are proven ways to promote healthy weight for adults too;

* ​Eat breakfast - Go beyond eating cereals and milk. Try other foods like sandwiches with juice/tea or fruits like bananas or oranges. You can also teach your children how to use the blender to make morning smoothies. 

​* Make family mealtimes a time together: Eating more meals together can make a huge difference in your family's health, happiness, and finances. Eating out can be expensive, though dinners made at home are affordable and easier to prepare than you think.

​* Eating varieties of fruits and vegetables: Children between 5 and 13 need 1 to 2 cups of fruit and 1.5 to 3.5 cups of vegetables daily. Serve crunchy, juicy, delicious fruits and vegetables at every meal and snack. Frozen, fresh, dried, or canned products affect good health.

​* Being active by playing together: Kids between 6 years and above need 60 minutes of playtime. Play with your kids daily because it is fun for them and you. Plan family activities that get everyone moving, such as biking, after-meal walks, basketball or soccer at the park, and board games like chess or monopoly.

​* Dine out responsibly: When going to a restaurant, look for nutritious options on the children's menu, such as grilled chicken or fruit salad. If you ever order takeout or home delivery, you can add to the meal by serving a glass of freshly made juice or a side salad.

​* Don't forbid foods or use food as a reward: Forbidding certain foods at home only increases a child's desire for that food. Instead of saying no to your child's favorite meal, you can limit the portion given. Use non-food rewards for good behavior, such as buying a bike or clothes and allowing your child's friend to have a friend come over to play.

​* Choose healthful beverages: Many fruit drinks and soft drinks contain added sugars, which could replace nutritious beverages. Instead, serve healthy drinks like plain milk and water.

​* Encourage mindful eating: Forbid your children from watching TV during meal times because it helps them focus on their meal at the dinner table. Ask your kids what it feels like to be hungry, then a little bit hungry, comfortably, and uncomfortably full. Discuss the importance of trusting and listening to internal body cues.

* ​Remove television sets and video games in bedrooms: Children need to get enough sleep to maintain a healthy weight and perform better in school. Health experts recommend no television in your children's room to reduce screen time and promote healthy sleep habits.
Emma Chuma) Tinibu Has Won The 2023 General Election
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INEC Declares Bola Ahmed Tinibu as the New Elected president of Nigeria and Tinibu promise to be a servant not a leader he also promise to serve Nigerian. 

Emma Chuma) Nigerian General Election Has Ended And Tinibu As Been Declared The Winner
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Nigerian general election has ended and Tinibu as been Declared the winner of 2023 general election He is now the Elected president of Nigeria 

Emma Chuma) INEC Declared Tinibu As The New President Of Nigeria
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INEC has Declared Bola Ahmed Tinibu as the President of Nigeria and Tinibu promise to be a servant not a leader he also promise to serve Nigerian and to support Nigerian people he promised to feed the hungry and the poor and helpless People he promised to shelter the beggers