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The next big transport system is flying humans.

People are going to be flying soon and that's only the beginning of technology. Don't you think it's only a matter of time before we teleport?

For anyone going through a hard time in Life

Make Life your b***h, not the other way around

We are Bringing Aliens back to Earth this time.

We are going back to the heavens and this time we are bringing back something..... Feel the thrill.

It be a bird or a drone! Watch out for drones camouflaging as birds

Pretty soon, you might loose your trust for that innocent bird that flies around your home.

This bottle of water is suspended on a tooth pick. Isn't physics amazing?

Watch in awe 😲. This bottle of water was suspended with just tooth picks. Yes, tooth picks, the ones you pick your teeth with.Watch the video, get the explanation because physics is just amazing.

Watch this goat birth her kids. Adorable or Nah?

This was pretty difficult to watch at the beginning, but I did. The question that crossed my mind was "why is it so difficult for humans to birth?" If  you have an answer, please drop a comment. 


Do You Know How You Sleep? 🤔

  1️⃣Sleep is regulated by two biological mechanism, which is circadian rythm and homeostatis, that work together to regulate our slee...

Do People Get Smart Or Are They Born Smart?

The answer is in this article. Everything you have to do to become smart.Outliers have a tendency to give the masses the wrong ideas.When we hear stor...

Asymptomatic People With COVID-19 May Not Be Immune To The Coronavirus

People who catch COVID-19 but don't show symptoms may have significantly lower levels of immunity against the virus than those who become severely ill...

How People In Ancient Times Treated Their Bacterial Infections? And Yes It Still Works.

Shivangi Karn Have you ever wondered how people in ancient times treated their bacterial infections? Yes, we are talking about natural anti...

Exercise And Healthy Diet Key To Preventing Cancer.

By Susan Perry | 08:38 amPhoto by ja ma on UnsplashA healthy eating pattern includes a variety of vegetables — dark green, red, ...

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