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Some Common Helpful Facts You Never Knew.

1. You didn't know that Vegetarians are more educated on average than meat eaters 2. You don't know why school buses are yellow 3. Do you what time your

The next big transport system is flying humans.

People are going to be flying soon and that's only the beginning of technology. Don't you think it's only a matter of time before we teleport?

For anyone going through a hard time in Life

Make Life your b***h, not the other way around


We are Bringing Aliens back to Earth this time.

We are going back to the heavens and this time we are bringing back something..... Feel the thrill.

Do You Know How You Sleep? 🤔

  1️⃣Sleep is regulated by two biological mechanism, which is circadian rythm and homeostatis, that work together to regulate our sleep and wake cycle. To unde...

You Need To Think About These!!!

You wouldn't be truly happy in the other man's shoes. Yours  shoes fit you the best!


Do People Get Smart Or Are They Born Smart?

The answer is in this article. Everything you have to do to become smart.Outliers have a tendency to give the masses the wrong ideas.When we hear stories about a seven-year-ol...

Asymptomatic People With COVID-19 May Not Be Immune To The Coronavirus

People who catch COVID-19 but don't show symptoms may have significantly lower levels of immunity against the virus than those who become severely ill, new Chinese research sh...

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