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Business Person : I'm A Town Planner By Qualification, Self Employed And A Blog Writer, Love Esthetics, Reading And Sports. And I'm Also Single In Case You Crush On Me, Just Say It...

Wants to meet A Spouse : Open To Meeting New Friends And Someone Special To Be With
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NPower: Mobile Money Agents Training Commences

NPVN:NPower: Mobile Money Agents Training Commences A four-day training programme to establish beneficiaries in Mobile Money transactions has been launched in the Federal...

How Do I Earn Money From Twitter? Explain Step By Step.

How do I earn money from Twitter? Explain step by step.Before you can make money on Twitter, you have to build a following. So first, I’ll dive into how you can grow your ac...

What Makes People Charming?

What makes people charming?Eye contact. Looking into someone else’s eyes allows you to control that person. Doing so can give you confidence and make the person you are...


Solution To One Minute Man Problem

This simple home made solution to quick ejaculation can save your marriage and save you from shame. It is simple to prepare and has no side effect as it's purely fruits or you may call it supplement.

New Month Gift I Got From My Backyard

I got this new month gift from my backyard

Ghanian Youths Rejected Bags Of Rice And Demanded For Employment And Good Governance

Ghanian youths rejected bags of rice and stand united to demand for employment and good governance from a campaigning politician. I wonder if this could happen in Nigeria where citizens prefer to take five thousand Naira to cook a delicious soup that would only last for two days or three, then what? 4-8 years of hardship and injustice continues.Truly "The man died," who kept mute in the face of tyrany!#Wake_up_Nigeria


Stunning Facts!

You will definitely find these facts so stunning!

Soldiers shooting Protesters At Leki Toll-gate, in Lagos Nigeria

This happened at Leki Tow gate in Lagos Nigeria as military men releases fire on protesters.

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