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Business Person : I'm A Town Planner By Qualification, Self Employed And A Blog Writer, Love Esthetics, Reading And Sports. And I'm Also Single In Case You Crush On Me, Just Say It...

Wants to meet A Spouse : Open To Meeting New Friends And Someone Special To Be With
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Men Be Careful! This Girl Cut Off Her Boyfriend's Private Part! (Graphic Pics)

Someone just posted this video on nairaland, and I was so shocked at the wickedness of some Women. This is so sad, imagine being with such woman.This is the reason why some of...

Online Passive Income Secret Formula

I am going to share with you the secret formula for making money online and getting passive income.Passive income is basically planting the seeds of your online business today...

Creepy Psychological Tricks You May Not Know

When you are talking to someone, suddenly look behind him. He will immediately turn and look behind himself to see what it was that made you look. If you do this 3–4 times h...


Rector Of Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti Invests Over 1 Billion Staff Salaries In Bit Coin

It surfaced on the internet recently that the rector of the federal polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti has been called for questioning over over 1 billion staff salaries invested in bitcoin by the rector of the i

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President Buhari Has Approved Free Business Names’ Registration For 250k MSMEs

According to the Presidents public relations person, Bashir Ahmad, as posted on his twitter page "The President Muhamadu Buhari has approved free business name registration for 250k MSMEs across


Soldiers shooting Protesters At Leki Toll-gate, in Lagos Nigeria

This happened at Leki Tow gate in Lagos Nigeria as military men releases fire on protesters.

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