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Lamidi Nuratulah Olajumok
  Horla      Lagos Nigeria   

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Nurse : I Am A Graduate With BScN From American International University West Africa, The Gambia. Wish To Specialize In Mental Health So Will Be Sharing Topics Related To Mental Health And Health Care

Wants to meet Just Friends : People That Will Motivate And Encourage Me
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Endotracheal Tube

DEFINITIONAn endotracheal tube is a flexible plastic tube that is placed through the mouth into the trachea (windpipe) to help a patient breathe. The endotracheal tube serves ...

Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)

The arterial blood gas (ABG) measures the acid-base balance (pH) and oxygenation of an arterial blood sample. An ABG can be used to assess respiratory compromise, status peri...

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