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LEAKED: EU Leaders Observe A Minute Silence For Late Mohammed Buhari

Currently trending is the tweet made by one anonymous face, a suspected member of the group of cyber wizards who claim to have hijacked the database of the Nigerian government...

Lekki Toll Gate Massacre By Deprofmatix

It was a sleepless night.A dark night.The labour pain was severe.Dead bodies everywhere.Twenty twenty twenty October.A night to remember.Lekki Toll Gate Massacre.Rest in peace...

This Nonsense Must Stop!

She attends a public school. She goes with this stove and uses it as chair because there's no chair in the school. Those who come along without what they can sit on end up sit...


King Of Bahrain Arrives Dubai With His Robot Body guard

The robot body guard speaks 8 languages.It can physically fight, chase and engage 1500 humans in a single physical or gun battleThere are many other things this robot can do for its owner.Now, where is the world heading to? Believe you me, soon, we'll have robots on all our streets

There Will Be A Revolution In Nigeria ~ T. B Joshua

This video was recorded in 2013. In the video, Prophet T. B Joshua prophesied about a revolution that would unfold in Nigeria if the government fails to creat jobs for her youths. Is Nigeria not experiencing a revolution today? EndSARS now and EndPoliceBrutality because God's word must come to pass. Watch the video

Be The Judge

How do you expect a country, where the leaders are too lazy to carry their own umbrella by themselve to be productive? How do you expect a country where


The Brutal Murder Of. A Lady By Her Friends

This was how a lady was brutally murdered by her friends

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