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How Many Mosquito Bite Would It Take To Kill You?

I spent my morning walking the dog and serving as an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet for my local mosquito population. It got me thinking about the little buzzers and prompted s...


Dyslexia factsPrimary dyslexia: This is the most common type of dyslexia, and is a dysfunction of, rather than damage to, the left side of the brain (cerebral cortex) and does...

Will The Sun Destroy The Earth?

?   There's really no way to tell which doomsday scenario will be the cause of our planet's demise(Get   There are plenty of ways Earth could go. It could smash ...


Flying Cockroach Comic

Meme:How Camel Was Formed

Meme:school Is A Must


Bb Najia Update:rehearsing

Bb Najia Update ....... Angel's

Bb Najia update

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