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Indian movies eh hahahaha. Watch and laugh

Trust indians na, they can do anything hahahahaha. If you want them to catch a bullet with their teeth, its very easy hahahaha. They will catch both the bullet and the gun.

Latest News On ASUU Strike. It Seems The Strike Is Almost Over.

LIVE TVCHANNELS RADIOPODCASTSFG Offers N65bn To ASUU For Earned Allowances, Revitalisation FundChannels Television  Updated November 20, 2020The Minister of Labour a...

Who Remembers These Football Legends?

When it comes to football, there are people that have made amazing names. Some of them are stil playing, some are coaches, some have retired and infact some are died. But thei...


If You Use Condoms, Read This.

Well, you probabaly already know what a condom is, but incase you don't, a condom is a substance, made fom latex rubber and used as a barrier contraceptive. This means that it...

Please where in africa can this happen?

With the way the world is now, is this still possible? This is the ways things are supposed to be though but, everywhere have spoilt.

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