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Olufemi Oyebanre
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Elephant Attacks Man, Seizes His Bicycle (Photo, Video)

How would this young man explain to his people that is bicycle was seized from him by an elephant ? Watch video and see how this young man was attacked by an elephant....

Bulama Bukarti Makes Senior Associate At US Thinktank (Photo) -

The US thinktank Centre for Strategic and International Studies has announced a new senior associate – Bulama Bukarti.Bukarti took to social media to announcement his appoin...

Tyler Perry Becomes A Billionaire - Forbes

According to Forbes, Tyler Perry officially becomes a billionaire and it is a big thing in the black community because Tyler was formerly homeless and now is a self made billi...



The rich kidd

Forex Trading

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I love pizza


Boseman Chadwick

The dead may never die! What a man, what a life. Life is truly measured by it's donation and not duration. RIP Boseman

Big brother naija

Jenifer in big brother naija

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