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What Should I Believe?

What should I beieve? The smiles, that I gazed at every time Or the heart felt tears of my soul What should I believe? The happy moments and laugh...

My First Being

A shadow lingering in my thoughtsA structure locked in my mindThe cunning resemblances of my spiritA confused voice in self conversationsSo I searched...

My Armageddon

Since my Armageddon I have never been the same It's not like seeing death at the red seaOr relieving the mysteries of the dark times It's no...

Thus Spoke The Cadaver

Handle me with little love and care  As I had missed it in my life affair Was too poor for cremation or burial That is why am lying in dissect...


My heart jumps at the shadow of your beauty;My soul longs to see you.My heart craves you;My body yarns to feel you.My day mourns without youAs such be...


Trust is a Fair tale of generations passedIt is the receipe for a beautiful atmosphereThe bond that binds family and friendsThe answer to the world's ...


We aspired to be like the great Frank Lloyd WrightBut the future doesn't seem to be brightDissertation got my soul wrapped in frightOh Lord please she...


Hey Mama,Hi Mama; My Sweet MotherThank you for the nine months you carried meThrough all the pain and sufferingNo one knows the pressure you bearJust ...


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