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How many of us still remembers this tone? It is the famous DESPACITO!. 


Leadership is about making your fellows better as a result of your presence and making that impact last even while you are absence.Make positive impact so that you will be rem...


Everybody will be curious about how a leader made it to success. Interestingly your success as a leader will get everyone talking. TRY IT! ...


A True Leader

A true leader always desires to make a positive impact on his people. Despite all challenges they went through a lot to get on the position he occupies at the time, they stood...

True Leadership

True Leadership in this country and the world in general is one of the pressing issues many countries face. Many would say would my country ever make it. Have we ever sit to think of the right person to chose as a LEADER? A lot us rather go for tribalism and sentimentalism and ends up killing the future of our nation's. Many would say "the devil you know is better than that Engel you don't know". I think it high time we let go of our sentimentalism and tribalism so that we can have a future for our self and generations to come. HAVE A THOUGHT. 

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