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Kuami Ogono
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Wants to meet Engineers : Very Skillful In There Line Of Duty....
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Parents Look After Your Children

When will Most Mothers start knowing that there is Teenage masturbation, lesbianism and homosexuality amongst teenagers , Teenage pregnancies and abortions,Infact Teenage sex ...

How To Choose A Good WIFE!!!

MY FATHER'S ADVICE TO ME WHEN I WASSEARCHING FOR A WIFE.My son, I will be very raw and sincere withyou. Do not worry about the size of a womanbuttock or breast but worry about...

Invest In Assets Not Liabilities!

In 1990, Shina Peters built a house with N20 million naira; the same year Jim Ovia started Zenith Bank with the same amount.Today, you and I don't have a room in Shina's house...


It is about and interview concerning relationship, but the person been interview don't fine it funny.

Rivers state protest.mp4  

Is about the current Nationwide Protest #ENDSARS

The video has to do with a man who was addressing his people about the community struggle but he was busy speaking big grammar

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