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Clement Joshua
 Gayclement    Nigeria  

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Musician : Am Sl

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Chelsea funny dance in Dressing room

The guy in white killed it...White guys can actually dance

Chelsea's funny moments

Pls like and subscribe if you love the page...more Chelsea clips will be uploaded to entertain you.and donate as well to support Chelsea worlds of sport

This straight guy made all Tb laughing


350,000 Naira Clement Joshua Beat It Top

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Just like a child... So sweet



Joy of being together in convention



Jehovah is always on your side


Coronavirus Spike Rattles Senate Republicans

“Frankly I didn’t really understand what they were thinking. … At a time cases are spiking, we’re gonna pull back?” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). | Carolyn Kaster...

Why Trump’s Focus On Falling Death Rates Could Be Dangerous

President Donald Trump and Republican governors are pointing to fewer coronavirus deaths to suggest that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic has passed — and to blunt...

Trump Has Lost His Senior Advantage. And That Could Cost Him In November. Voters Over 65 Were Key To The President's Win In 2016. But Now They're Defecting To Biden.

WASHINGTON — Jay Copan was part of the coalition that made Donald Trump president in 2016. Now he’s had enough and plans to send Trump into retirement.Copan, 68,...

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