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Am I not the best Dancer???? 🙈

See me whine. Don't try me deh. Now tell me in da comments if you like my dance.

So Funny I had to Share LOL 😂

Please don't laugh alone. Share to your friends too. Most especially your male friends. ðŸ˜˜ðŸ’–

If You Are Visiting The Gambia, Prepare For The Huge Traffic Jam On Major Roads

Transportation in the country continues to be a problematic issue as commuters struggle each day to find their ways to and from work, school or other ...

Gambia's Former Justice Minister Has Denied Claims He Cut The Nipple Of A Former Rebel Commander.

Former justice minister Lamin Jobarteh has launched a strong denial over claims he cut the nipple of Balo Kanteh, a former rebel commander.Kanteh was ...

Suspected Terrorists Where Arrested In Senegal. Are We Safe In The Gambia?

Senegal has placed four suspected terrorists under custody over charges of criminal conspiracy, advocating terrorism and supporting terrorism.Demba So...

Gambia News: The Biggest Cocaine Seizure In Gambian History!

Biggest cocaine seizure in Gambian history!One Banta Keita, a French-Gambian, is wanted for smuggling 118 bags of cocaine into the country.The drugs, ...

Countries With The Best Beaches In The World

The best beaches in the world have long since attracted travellers from all across the world. There’s just something about beaches that appeal t...

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