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Meet First White Man To Join Nigerian Police – Do You Think He Will Influence Naija Officers Positively?

Did I hear someone say Nigeria can not be great again? – You really need to see this and have a change of thoughtSocial media has exploded with reactions after photos o...

LET’S GIST!! A Man That Spends Money On A Woman Without Asking For Sex In Return, Is Called?

Hi guys, let’s gist!Have you ever spend money on a woman without demanding for sex in return? Or have you seen anyone that does it?Apparently, as of 10yrs ago, alot of ...

CHRISTIANS!! On Your Way To The Church To Pay Your 10K Tithe, You Saw A Hungry Sick Beggar, Begging You – What Will U Do?

After keeping 10k for your tithe, on your way to church ,you saw a hungry sick beggar begging you. Will you give it to him/her?Also, can someone tell me who God said tithes sh...


No One Knows Tommorow

Yes oooo people, this is very common and ramperd among us humans. He that have hear let him listen.

Knock before you enter


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