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Ajiri Morrison
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Computer Scientist : HND Graduate, From Ozoro Polytechnic Delta State, Nigeria. Worked At Salus Trust LTD.

Wants to meet Work Partners : Preferably People Working On Any Programming Related Projects At The Moment. Send A Message

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Summary of the various Phases of Hacking - Ethical Hacking

Follow the previous videos to get a clear picture of the phases of Hacking. In summary, the phases of any kind of hacking, in our case ethical hacking, include Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining access, Maintaining access and eventually clearing of tracks. Hacking isn't as difficult as you though is it?

Phase 5 of Hacking: Clearing Tracks - Ethical Hacking

After the aim of hacking (Ethical of course), you must clear your tracks. Leave the system as if it was never compromised.  

Phase 4 of Hacking: Maintaining Access - Ethical Hacking

In the phase of ethical hacking, after gaining access to a target computer, you want to maintain access otherwise the aim is defeated.

Phase 3 Of Hacking: Gaining Access - Ethical Hacking

To gain access into the victim's system, different pathways could be exploited. They include but are not limited to Networks, Operating systems and Applications

Phase 2 of Hacking: Scanning - Ethical Hacking

The scanning phase simply consists of gathering information

Phase 1 of Hacking, Reconnaissance - Ethical Hacking

Reconnaisance, the first phase of hacking is mostly either Passive or Active.


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