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Man City's Aguero Has COVID-19, In Race For Liverpool Clash

Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero has tested positive for coronavirus and faces a race to be fit for the clash with Liverpool on Feb. 7.Aguero had been in isolation after ...

Sergio Ramos' Titles, Longevity For Spain And Madrid Are The Stuff Of Legend -- And He Isn't Slowing Down

Sergio Ramos is a freak. It's impossible to deny that fact.Now, Sergio, if you're reading this, I mean it in the most complimentary way. Not a hint of denigration or disrespec...

Messi, Alaba, Ozil, Aguero Among The Top Free Agents In 2021

Despite the financial downturn across the globe, clubs in Europe's top five leagues still spent over €4.6 billion in the summer window -- a drop of 43% when compared wit...

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