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Oluwashola Famuyiwa
  Famuyiwashola      Nigeria   

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Accountant : Famuyiwa Oluwashola Onyinyechi Is A Professional Accountant Who Hails From Abeokuta In Ogun State. She Is A Public Speaker With A Simple, Practical And Jovial Approach To Communicating And Is Passionate About Life And Impacting All Those She Comes In Contact With Positively. She Holds A Bachelor Degree In Accounting From The Prestigious Babcock University, She's A Member Of The Nigerian Institute Of Management, A Certified Health And Safety Officer Amongst Others. Shola Is Outstanding For Excellence And Absolutely Believes In Continuous Self-improvement, Learning And Growth. She Currently Works In An International Accounting Firm Where She Has Achieved And Surpassed Several Milestones. She Is Purpose-Driven, Versatile In Nature, And Has An Impeccable Communication, Analytical And Interpersonal Skills. Shola Is A Counsellor, Song Writer, And A Woman Of The Word.

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