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Tialobi Eseoghene
  Tialobi      Nigeria   

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Skilled Worker : Easy Going Guy.

Wants to meet Just Friends

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Security body guard.



This Life I Can't Kill Myself.

Once in a while, Remove 2,000 from that 5,000 Naira. Take a walk to the Woman or Mallam selling Roasted chicken or catfish,Tell her to give you 2 laps...

The Educated And Non Educated.

JUST ANOTHER COMMON SENSE LECTUREGive N50,000 only to a secondary school dropout and watch him buy stove, a frying pan, cooking oil and other things t...

Sola And The Teacher.

When Sola was in SS1, his teacher always yelled at him, calling him a sure failure in life". One day, poor Sola's grandma came to school. The tea...

life inspiration..mp4  

life inspiration.

life inspiration..mp4  

life inspiration.

reme matter.mp4  

reme matter.mp4

reme matter

who go settle the matter?

who go settle the matter?

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