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On The Lioness Tail Ep 5

ON THE LIONESS TAIL.Episode 5.By AMAH'S HEART."Kaya.... Kaya! where's Kaya?She ran down to her mother-in-law's place but she wasn't there."You worry too much about her, think ...

On The Lioness Tail Ep 4

ON THE LIONESS TAIL.Episode 4.By AMAH'S HEART.Lula thought of all the ideas that Didi was bringing but none was favorable.And with the way Opa held onto her baby it won't be e...

On The Lioness Tail Ep 3

ON THE LIONESS TAIL.Episode 3.By AMAH'S HEART.Before the midwife will rush down Opa was no more where the maid left her."She was here excruciating in labor pain... before I ra...


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