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Elkanah Margi
  Hanakle10      Nigeria   


Computer Scientist

Wants to meet Computer Scientists

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How God save a little child from accident

God is so wonderful for saving this child from havoc accident ,.

How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria Despite Of Government Banning

Hello guys I want to show how to buy and trade Bitcoin in Nigeria regardless of government banning ,in this article I will show two or three ways you ...

Laycon And Nengi Grind Each Other During The Weirdest Night

Laycon and Nengi’s relationship is the marvel many people didn’t see coming.The duo have been entangled in messy relationships involving...

Awoof: Get 2GB For N200 On MTN

We are glad to inform you that SearchNGR is giving out FREE 3GB MTN Data bundle valid for 30 days to use browse the internet and stream videos online....

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