Diseases Treated With Black Stone
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Black stone is a non-poisonous wonder stone. This wonderful stone has its origin from Jerusalem (Israel) black stone is from a holy land, it is a natural wonder stone that achieves such great healing performance that are beyond normal medical practices and human comprehension.

Diseases treated with black stone

Black stone has one of its miraculous and wonderful curing powers on bites and stings: examples are bites from dogs, snake, madman, scorpion sting etc. Other disease it cures include inflammation, meningitis, rheumatism, tetanus, poison, arthritis, breast cancer, kelloid, whitlow, boils, injection abscess, severe pains, stepping on a nail, broken bottle cut etc. Use black stone to treat the above emergencies and witness its healing performances.

Purification of black stone

Blackstone is purified by putting it in liquid milk and allow to stay for about three hours and wash with warm water and keep to dry.

Note: Blackstone does not have any expiry date from the day you get it, only purification is required.

Mustard oil mustard oil is extracted from mustard seed; it is very powerful for neutralizing poison. Mustard oil is used in destroying charms planted in your homes, places of work, offices business. Just as the seed, it drives away witches and wizards by sprinkling and spreading the oil where the wizards ‘operates’. More so it destroys disturbing and attacking juju or shrine and dangerous gods after prying and sprinkling it on them. 

Banana Leaves Have Always Been Used In Africa, It Is Now Replacing Plastics In Thailand Plus
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A Thailand supermarket came up with a genius way to reduce plastic packaging: wrap its produce in banana leaves instead.

The banana leaf packaging comes from the Rimping supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand. A real estate company in Chiang Mai, Perfect Homes, posted photos of the banana leaf packaging to their Facebook page and it quickly gained widespread attention.

Of the 9 billion tonnes of plastic ever produced, only 9% has been recycled. This, along with projections of rapidly increased plastic manufacturing, has led to global attention to single-use plastics.

The United Nations Environment Programme estimates that by 2050 there will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic in landfills, the environment, and oceans. Of this waste, cigarette butts, plastic drinking bottles, food wrappers, and plastic grocery bags are the biggest contributors.

The use of banana leaves instead of plastic for packaging vegetables is a great way to reduce single-use plastic. While it looks like they use some plastic for adhering the label, this method significantly reduces the amount of plastic required. They are simply wrapped in a banana leaf and secured using a flexible piece of bamboo. Banana leaves are a great alternative to plastic as the leaf is large, thick and supple enough to be folded.

One thing to consider is the relative cost of plastic versus banana leaves. In tropical locations, banana leaves are readily available locally and could be acquired for free depending on the quantity needed. In more temperate locations the use of banana leaves could be significantly more expensive than plastic. However, using local biodegradable products could be a good alternative in locations where bananas don't grow.

The use of banana leaves to wrap food in has a long history. In some tropical regions of Mexico, tamales are wrapped in banana leaves. Hawaiians use banana leaves during pig roasts to protect the pig from the hot lava rocks. They are also used to wrap sticky rice in southeast Asia.

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Chinese Company Targets Global Sales With Quick COVID-19 Tests
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A Chinese company is entering the global race to help defeat the coronavirus, promising its testing machine will return results faster than a lab and more reliably than at-home screening kits.

The Flash 20 “is currently the fastest machine in the world for PCR tests for the new coronavirus”, says Sabrina Li, founder of the company Coyote.

PCR tests are the industry standard and a major weapon against a pandemic that has now killed more than a million people and eviscerated the global economy.

As governments scramble to develop adequate response systems, Li is targeting global sales.

Already used at hospitals and airports in China, the contraption can process four samples in one go and deliver results in just half an hour.

It has been certified by the European Union and Australia, and Coyote is seeking similar status from the United States and the World Health Organization.

Testing has been hailed as one of the best weapons to contain the pandemic and other researchers are also on the quest to find the fastest method.

On Monday US President Donald Trump announced the distribution of 150 million rapid coronavirus tests that can deliver a result in 15-30 minutes.

Different to PCR tests, these rapid diagnostic kits offer a quick turnaround, but are less sensitive and more likely to return false negatives.

The makers of the Flash 20 say their machine, about the size of a printer, is not only fast but extremely reliable.

Past experience with major disease outbreaks helped Coyote respond quickly this time around, the company said.

The SARS epidemic of 2003-2004 jolted China’s biotechnology sector and led to a great “reorganisation” in the way the industry works, Zang Yuepeng, Coyote’s technical manager responsible for the Flash 20, told AFP.

So when Covid-19 emerged in the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year, Coyote was able to design the machine and “very quickly put this product on the market”.

Between February and July, 500,000 tests were carried out in China by the authorities using the Flash 20, and the results were 97 percent the same as those returned by conventional PCR testing in a lab.

The company can currently produce only 500 a month but is hoping to double that number by the end of the year.

The main challenge, Coyote said, will be making enough machines to meet what it hopes will be a huge demand.


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What Is Self Control? My Experience And More
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I went to the Restaurant today! I was hungry, plus I had been feeling drive-less recently.

Ordered a plate of food to take home, because I was too down to even cook. Then I noticed the Alcohol 🤩 in their fridge. 

Honestly felt like I needed some to help my mood, atleast temporarily. I did ask the price, got the money and was ready to pay. 

It was gonna boost me, alcohol really would make me feel different, I am pretty sure of a short but worth the while benefit with alcohol, any day anytime.

You won’t believe it, but I did chicken out of getting it ☺️.
I call that self control, don’t know what you call it, unmanly? Weak? Asocial? Poverty? Erm? Whatever?

I was able to give up:
1) Some pleasure I thought I needed more than anything else at that moment
2) Some pleasure with an obvious short term benefit
3) Some pleasure that demands spending and continuous spending to maintain.
4) An energy drink (literally)

I was able to control myself. We all need self control to achieve at different focuses. I mean, I could make a list, but let’s refrain as you keep in mind that you need that self control EVERYDAY, EVERYTIME.

It's been three years since that piece was written. I ll like to share with you that I have learnt more about self control. I hope what I learnt amazes you.

I have learned that the best self-control to give isn't the resistance of food, liquor or sex. It's isn't denial of your feelings or the status quo, but the acceptance of it, then finding a way to live through it becomes profitable. It's not the denial of thoughts or obvious feelings, it's is the control of thoughts and feelings (accept what it is and how you feel about certain situations, yet be wise enough to control the reactions of such feelings.

The best of self-control is the resistance of the self. Your self. Your very own heart (Ego itself)

The best of self control is achieved when you:
1) Completely accept your past with happiness (the good and bad of it)

2) Accepting today that you are in control of very little (and so you are practicing detaching yourself emotionally without neglect of duty to those around you or your environment because up till this point, we have ignorantly messed our destinies with our hands)

3) And attempting to create the future with best unbiased knowledge and analysis you can muster (because what you do for the future is what the future would do for you)

You ll find that many "good" people (myself inclusive, that's if I am even considered a good person) find it hard to break that paragraph even. 
We regret/cherish the past - it's gone.
Many are control freaks and believe that they must succeed at everything they lay their hands on and create the future with as much biased knowledge they can manifest.
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