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"The Nyansh Has Refuse To Shake"- Reactions As Korra Obidi Exposed Her Body New Video
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Many people have been saying different things about Korra Obidi since she left her husband, Justin, and this has made her continue to do her best to give her fans the best performance. Recently, Korra Obidi share a video about her new song and this made many people react. 

Korra Obidi is among the talented Nigerian dancer. She is from Edo state. Korra Obidi is educated, as she had her tertiary education in Lagos State. She studied at the University of Lagos (a prestigious federal university in Nigeria). Korra Obidi has been in the entertainment Industry for over 6 years. Besides being a dancer, Korra Obidi is also a musician and has released some lovely songs to the public. She is also a mother.

As a big star that loves to let people know about her daily activities on social media, Korra Obidi recently, caused a stir on social media, over the video and post she shared on her verified social media account on her new song, titled toxic love, and this caught the attention of many people across the world. In the video, Korra Obidi was seen dancing energetically to her new song. The beautiful dancer also added that the song is a reflection of what she has been through in life. She also added that she is putting the song out because she wanted to break away from her fake illusion of perfection. What Korra Obidi posted got many people talking, as someone told Korra Obidi not to allow sand to enter her private part. Another person said that Korra Obidi is flexible. 

While Another internet user said that Korra Obidi's backside has refused to shake.

Kindly share your view on Korra Obidi's post.

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The lawsanaid initiative in its bid to provide an enabling platform and access to a better and quality education for law and aspiring law students with disabilities in Africa, is pleased to invite you all to her virtual symposium.
The theme tagged: Mental Health Well-being: The Need for Global Awareness, holding on the LawsanAid Twitter Space, on the 17th day of March 2023. The time is 6:00pm, 18:00 West Africa Time.