Breaking: Viral Igbo Religion Priest's Shocking Reversal: Recants Senseless Claims Against Jesus Christ's Supreme Power After Warning From Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin
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In a stunning turn of events, a viral Igbo religion priest, renowned for his senseless challenging the power of Jesus Christ, has now publicly refuted his initial claims. 
This unexpected change of heart comes after a fierce spiritual challenge from Senior Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, highlighting the unmatched superiority of Jesus Christ's power. 
This development dramatically emphasizes that all powers in Heaven and on Earth are undoubtedly subject to the authority of Jesus Christ. 
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Social media reactions 
@Ngozi__Ekeh says "but fr that statement was extremely senseless, according to Junior Pope "who does that...?" Who compares the Power and Glory of Jesus Christ to fallen demonic spirits in the rivers, that's anachronistic 
another social media user
@Benson__AKOREDE says "were dey change mouth, abi your mami-water no get power again, but how do you compare light and darkness, comparing water spirits to the Glory Of Jesus Christ, The KING OF GLORY, it's unmatched na...haba" thank God for people like Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin ooo

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Everyone born on this earth has a unique purpose, a special mission that only they can fulfill. To unlock your full potential, it is important to first deeply understand who you are and what you are meant to do in life. When you tap into this understanding, reaching your purpose becomes not just a possibility, but an inevitable journey.

Many times, life throws challenges at us, be it tough circumstances, or past mistakes, that might make us feel like giving up. You might think that you have strayed too far from your path or that you are too old to start fresh, but remember, it is never too late. As long as you can tap into what God has placed within you, there is always a way to push forward. As the saying goes, "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

I consider the richest place on earth to be the graveyard. This is not because of the minerals underground, but because so many people are buried with dreams unfulfilled and potentials untapped. Don't let that be you. Why be part of the majority who leave this earth with their greatest contributions unmade, when you could be among the 1% who discover and fulfill their true potential?

If you are already on the journey of self-discovery but feel held back by a lot of challenges, ask yourself if you have really given it your all. Yes, the path to discovering your potential is not an easy one, it demands hard work, perseverance, and a lot of resilience. When you feel stuck, it is often just your response to the overwhelming demands of life, whether from family, work, or personal goals. The key to moving forward is finding balance and managing these pressures in a constructive way.

Taking care of your mental and physical health is very important on this journey. Make sure to set aside a little time each day for yourself, even if it is just a few minutes to relax, read, or enjoy a hobby. Spending more time with yourself helps you discover more about who you are. This not only recharges you but also keeps you grounded and focused.

And remember, once you reach your full potential, the responsibility doesn’t end there. Share your achievements with the world. Inspire others by showing them that no matter the odds, reaching one's full potential is not just a dream but a reality that can be achieved.

Don’t limit yourself by your circumstances. Rise above them, and strive towards the fulfillment of your true potential. Like Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it's done.” So, why not start today? Make that decision to give it one more try, to push a little harder, and to believe a little stronger in your ability to achieve greatness.

I BELIEVE IN YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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There are days when you are just staring out of the window and you get a rush of memories of what seems like a distant past. As you are focusing on that single white cloud, you are reminded of all the people who once were a part of your life, but are not anymore.
A wave of sadness runs through your body right? Me too

The people who were once so close to you now leave your messages unseen. They are just contacts on the phone. The feeling of forever that you felt around them was an illusion, like the clouds. They did not seem to move, but in reality, every day, they were gliding one inch away from you. The single world that both of you lived in, was slowly separating into two individual worlds.

Goosebumps. You got lost in thought. You pull yourself out of your head and see that the skies are changing colors and as you look at the sky one last time, with a prayer in your mind.

“Our conversations are not the same anymore. But I promise that if we ever cross paths again, I will do all I can to slow down that moment until it lasts. I will still be here watching you fly past me while you reach greater heights because no matter how apart we are now, you will always be in my mind. No matter where we are on the ground, our skies will always be the same.”

The loss of someone close is a very hard feeling to describe. Most of us just shrug it off saying, “we grew apart” than saying, “it broke my heart.”. Our close ones are meant to offer genuine deep connections, but when they end, they can really shatter the person.

 Are things really that simple?

We often take people for granted, only to lose them completely. Days turn into weeks, then months. Then, as luck would have it, you come across something that they have been silently working on. You find the courage to send an encouraging text and impatiently wait for their reply and when you finally get a response back. You are excited. Maybe this is the chance. You open the chat.

“Thank you!”

You are confused and disappointed. It felt like a door closed. You could have pushed yourself to continue the conversation, but the response was an answer. You reached a dead-end. If they wanted to pursue a conversation, they would have. It does not make them bad people. Maybe you weren’t good to them. Maybe things have changed now. Maybe your ‘ship’ has run its course.

If you are missing someone you have lost in touch with and are thinking about reconnecting. Just do it. Apologize. Don’t put it off. We all screw up. We all hurt people sometimes. It isn’t easy and we can’t control them to forgive us. But life is short and people can really surprise you sometimes.

Don’t forget to take a look at all the people around you, are you appreciating them enough?

So while cherished souls are within your reach, appreciate them because you don't know what tomorrow holds. Appreciate the grief. It means that your love for them wasn’t weak. Appreciate the people who held on.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about how things got so bad. Don’t wonder if they still think about you. Don’t wonder if they open your chat and feel empty. Be grateful for those beautiful years you have known them for.

We have all lost people.
We have all had bad people around us or been bad to those around us.
Losing these people can feel like tears running down your cheeks.
But as you look out of your window,
I hope you silently pray for them.


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Every Man irrespective of who they are must read the book by a German writer Esther Villar In her book "The Manipulated Man" 
This book has caused outrage and *hostile criticism* from women, it explains how women since the earliest times have manipulated men and turned them into their slaves, they have *pretended* to be the oppressed sex while in the real sense they are the oppressors. 
She explains how a woman manipulates a man skillfully by steps like *courtship* and finally *marriage* , hence the saying “ *a man chases a woman until SHE catches him”* .
In her book she explains how the man is *tricked* to care for the woman all his life and her offspring. 
He rolls the stone like *Sisyphus* and in turn gets rewarded by a few minutes of sexual pleasure. 
We can, by observing Esther Villars assertions that a man is a slave of his desires and the woman uses and has used it for thousands of years as a stick and carrot to keep the man chasing vanity and commit his life to serving her.
She goes ahead to explain the *rivalry of women* , how each woman feels the powerful urge and need to own a male for herself. 
Like a *slave owner* she detests any move the man would make to offer his services to another woman. She uses all means to keep the man to herself and her offspring alone.
Esther Villar's sentiments are captured by Nigerian Poet, critic and writer, Chinweizu Ibekwe in his book, “The Anatomy of Female Power” (AFP) and Will Farrel's, “The Predatory Female”. 
They all push the theory that all societies are matriarchal and not patriarchal as we are pushed and forced to believe. *Matriarchy has ruled not through brawn but wits and tricks;* women feigning weakness to be protected etc. Thus the male becomes the most exploited sex in human history, (in wars the man is always ready to die for the woman; he has been trained to do that).
Chinweizu calls the idea of *dating* and *courtship* , *training* , like that of a horse. It is during this time that a woman having kept the man on a leash by denying him sex and getting him addicted to her by false charms, trains and breaks him to whatever she wants him to become.
The marriage celebration becomes a celebration for the *woman and her friends,* and they all congratulate her for having succeeded in getting herself a *slave* . 
A man on that *wedding* day waves goodbye to his independence and his coalition of males and commits himself to a *Sisyphean* life, rolling the stone, an act he cannot abandon having *society* and the *government* checking on him and always ready to *jail* , *shame* or *exile* him for absconding his duties of slavery. 
Thus the government and society helps the woman in keeping her *slave*(man) in check.
Chinweizu gives a narration of how women are trained by older matriarchs to *tame* men. He explains how a man is trained to rely on women by his own mother. 
A man is *shamed for cooking* for himself and other domestic chores by his *own mother* who is an agent of the global matriarchal rule.
By getting the man to hate *domestic* works and having it enforced by culture which warns men against going into the kitchen, doing *laundry* etc. 
The mother trains his son for the woman who will captivate him and when the time comes she takes hold of the man's stomach and by getting the man addicted to her body she holds him by the two, in *bed* and in the *kitchen* . 
With those two weapons she manipulates the man and turns him into her plaything.
In the “Myth of the Male Power”, Esther Villar's “A Man's Right to the Other Woman”; “The Polygamous Sex”, the authors of those books challenge the narrative that men oppress women, and by detailed research across African, Western and Eastern both in ancient and modern societies, the authors unravel the hidden power of the ruthless matriarchal power that rules the world. 
Also Helen E. Fisher did anthropological research of ancient human societies and wrote the book "The Sex Contract, The evolution of human behaviour" 1982. She too came to the conclusion that Marriage is a selfish creation of a Woman, where she uses sex to manipulate a man to take care of her and her offspring. Other male animals do not carry the same burden and responsibility.
 *Presidents* , *Emperors* and *Kings* are all puppets of the matriarchy forces that rule the World by pulling the strings from behind the curtains
A noble piece which is a must read for every Man under the globe...
Viral News: The Family Of Late Engr Precious Ofurum, The Young Sound Engineer Who Died Alongside Junior Pope In The Ill-fated Boat Accident Get 10 Million Cash Donation From Billionaire Prophet Jeremi
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Viral News:
The Family of Late Engr Precious Ofurum, the young sound engineer who died alongside Junior Pope in the ill-fated boat accident get 10 million cash donation from Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin (Watch Video)

The news of Prophet Fufeyin's significant 10 million naira cash donation has spread like wildfire across social media platforms, sparking a wave of reactions from Nigerians all over the country. Many hailed his benevolence, describing it as an embodiment of the true spirit of humanity.
"This is a philanthropic act that restores faith, love in humanity during tragic times"
-Mr. Gideon JOF Foundation Representative.
In a devastating boat accident that claimed the lives of Engr. Precious Ofurum (Sound Engineer) alongside Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, Nigerians were left grieving the loss of the five talented individuals. However, hope amidst despair arrived in the form of a generous act by Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, who offered a cash support of 10 million naira to the grieving family of Engr. Precious Ofurum.
Social Media Reactions 
@Doris_Nkiruka says "TBH this Prophet Jeremiah is a good example when it comes to showing sympathy and compassion to those in need, I am truly inspired by this, may the soul of Engr Precious Rest In's well"
Another X user @EmekaJohnson__ says 
"Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin just got another fan in me, this is what true Christianity is all about, whilst others keep blind eyes to the poor, grieving and need, I love this man of God for all this his good work, don't criticise people, do your own make we see. God Bless PapaJ "
In a remarkable display of compassion and empathy, Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin stepped forward to offer his support to Engr. Precious Ofurum's grieving family. The philanthropist extended a helping hand, providing them with a cash donation of 10 million naira to alleviate any financial burdens they may face during this difficult time.
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Breaking News: Mr THANKGOD Ikoma, A Survival Of The Infamous Boat Accident, Just Got 2 Million Naira Cash Donation From Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin (watch Videos)
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In a selfless act of humanity, The Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin who just donated the sum of 10 million naira directly to the grieving family of the late Engr Precious Ofurum. Recognizing the dire situation faced by Mr THANKGOD Ikoma, the senior prophet also extended his kindness to him, as he blessed Mr THANKGOD with the whooping sum of 2 million naira. 

Watch video:
The news of these extraordinary acts of kindness has taken social media platforms by storm. Nigerians from all walks of life have been moved by Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin's generosity, with NETIZENS actively pouring prayers and blessings upon the Prophet. 
The boat accident, which claimed the lives of talented Nollywood actor Junior Pope, Engr Precious Ofurum and 3 others, left Mr THANKGOD IKOMA as one of the narrow survivors. As the news of his survival spread, it also caught the attention of Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, who wasted no time in extending his hand of support.

Here are some NETIZENS Reactions 
@CHIBUZOR_Nelson says "TBH this Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin is just one of a kind, this is so amazing, I saw him blessing the grieving mother of the young late Engr Promise with 10 million naira, and now Mr THANKGOD with another 2 million naira, this is so commendable"
Another X user @_FranklynTemple_ says "Kai this is so touching, i just love this Prophet Jeremiah, I wish this should really go viral, God truly bless you PapaJ, You'll never lack"