What You Need To Know Before Starting Out A Blog

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Guys, have you watched my new youtube video on storytime above. I talked about my blogging mistake that i regret.


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How To Start A Successful Blog From The Scratch.
Blogging can be a lot of work and also enjoyable if you love what you're doing. One thing you should never do as a newbie is comparing yourself to others in your industry if you can't stand the success pressure. My dear, it can be frustrating at times especially when your blog isn't growing as fast as you wanted. 
Are you new to blogging or are you trying to restructure and revive your blog? Don't too worry and don't be scared of  not being successful, blogging is all about time and hard work so you just need to calm down, follow the blogging process and with time everything will fall in place for you.

I will help you achieve your dreams of becoming a successful blogger which i will be sharing 42 blogging tips that will help you easily create a successful blog but i would like us to keep in touch for your dreams to come true. Simply, follow my blog for more updates either by email listing or subscribing to my youtube channels.
1. Research and buy materials
2. Why do you want a blog

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Cinque Terre
Choose a blog niche
4. What do you have passion for
5. Set your goals
6. Get a perfect blog name
7. Choose the right blogging platform
8. Pick the best hosting service


Be security concious
10. Creating and designing your blog
11. Branding
12. Check out other blogs often
13. Create an about me section/page
14. Tagline for your blog
15. Add links to your social media profiles

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Cinque Terre
Who is your target audience
17. Planning your content
18. Research your competitors
19. Use keyword research


Set up a schedule
21. Be consistent
22. Don't try blogging everyday
23. Don't  plagiarize
24. Don't change your personality
25. Write in conversational tone
26. Use call to action


Always conclude your post
28. Add images to your blog post
29. Add keywords to your content
30. Add alt text to your images
31. Review and edit your post
32. Publish multiple blog post for a start
33. Promote your blog


Guest blog on other site
35. Run a giveaway
36. Participate in blogging comment
37. Respond to readers in your comment section
38. Create signups
39. Keep updating and improving your blog
40. Collecting guest post for your blog


Survey your readers
42.  Monetize

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