At The Photo Studio Epd3


At The Photo Studio Epd3

At The Photo Studio Epd3 Andy     442  

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The weekend lasted longer,it was cumbersome. Fixed my bike,went shopping and ran errands non-stop for Mom.
It is Monday.My first day into the journey of photography,very much anticipated,I had woken up early that day,I didn't even sleep at all;prayed, brushed,bathed and dressed up fine,I looked at the mirror and admired my self. "Fine man,a model you are".
Zoom off I go.
"Good morning sir".
She stepped aside ushering me in like a King,she never stopped smiling sheepishly.
I smiled back, bowing a little.
"You can call me 'Andy' and not 'sir' ,am a small boy"
She smiled even more and not taking her eyes of me "Iam Vicky,nice to meet you"....
I shook hands with the guys,Allan,Raph and Victor,they are really nice guys,I felt the warm welcome.

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Cinque Terre
The photo studio is one of the biggest and finest in town,that is why I chose it. No regrets.

One of the staffs, known as 'big show', he's never smiling, always too serious,I already started disliking him as he's fond of ordering everyone around. 
I was asked to get acquainted with my environment,the guys showed me around and taught how to do some other cool stuffs. I was enjoying myself.
But this gurl will not stop stealing glances at me and smiling at every thing I say.
Uhm same Rude Madame English.
Wait!...did I just smile back at her.

No na! Andy focus!
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