Ondo Labour Explains Details Of Nov, 2020 Salaries

Ondo Labour Explains Details Of Nov, 2020 Salaries Wolext     291  

2 years ago

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You will all recall that earlier in the year, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu publicly announced that borrowing to augment salary payment was no longer sustainable as hitherto done.

Sequel to the above, and in line with its promise to always carry Labour along in matters of salary payment, a meeting between Government and Labour held on Wednesday 27th January, 2021 with the government side competently led by the Head of Service to look into and discuss receipts from FAAC.

Documents showing Federal Allocation receipts for the month of December, 2020 but shared in January 2021 were presented to Labour.

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A cursory look into the evidence of receipts and payment schedules revealed that;

The sum of N2.3bn was the net allocation after the deductions of government obligations.

The total gross salary (Net + Deductions) payable to all categories of workers i.e.








OSOPADEC sums up to N5.21bn.

Flowing from the above reality therefore, it was agreed that payment of Percentage Gross Salary (Net + Deduction) for the month of November, 2020 be effected.

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With the net sum received, the percentage payable herewith is to be augmented from the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) by government to make the payment 50% across board.

It was agreed at the meeting that, before the payment of December 2020 salaries, the balance of November 2020 which is 50% MUST first be paid as a matter of PRIORITY.

Organised Labour practically in agreement with government adopted in its entirety the model in use by Local Government/SUBEB for salary payment going forward.

This release becomes imperative for the purpose of information sharing among our members as further clarification should be directed to the leadership of our affiliate Unions.


Organised Labour



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