The Danger Of Trust

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Have you ever Have an Issue with Trusting Someone? If yes Surely you are Not alone, why are humans so divided?
In this article I will explain the Dangers of Trust.  In this articles I will  explain the step by step guilde for you to know when your Trust is in Danger. This article will help you to avoid unpredecented pitfalls that will cost you so Much Pains.
Step 1. Trust in a Family Cycle:  This Kind of Trust is Stable but not usually stable especially in a Polygamous home. Things to Note, When your Dad has other Child /Children from another mother, Don't Trust him with Everything, when your mom has child/ for another Man, Don't Trust her with all your heart, When they Don't give you a sense of Belonging, Don't Trust Them. When you Notice they hid things from you, Don't Trust. When they Don't share your Pains, Sorrows, happiness & Joy Don't Trust. When they are too Busy to be there for you, Never you trust Them. When they pretend to care but actually in a real sense they don't care, Don't Trust, When you give what is holy to someone who doesn't know the Value they will Not only soil it but Trampled upon it Never you revealed your Weak Point to anybody because they may use it against you Someday just like Samson. Love & Trust Unconditionally But Not on the Plater of Gold But Cautiously.
Step 2: Trust in the Marriage Cycle:
To be Continued...

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