3 Important Factors That Affect Our Mental Health

3 Important Factors That Affect Our Mental Health Constance     20  

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 Mental Health Nature And Nurture.

First of all, I want to start by explaining each of these key words mentioned above (Mental Health Nature And Nurture.) to help us to understand better and give a clearer view on this topic. I want to believe that we all know the meaning or have an idea of what these key words mentioned is all about, but that's not the case right now because I will run down the dictionary meaning of each according to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Mental (1) Connected with or happening in the mind; involving the process of thinking: The mental process of remembering.
              (2) Connected with the state of health of the mind or with the treatment of illness of the mind: She was suffering from physical and mental exhaustion.
              (3) Crazy: My dad will go mental (= be very angry) when he finds out.

Health (1) The condition of a person's body or mind. To be in poor/good/excellent/the best of health.
             (2) The state of being physically and mentally healthy: He was nursed back to health by his wife.
             (3) The work of providing medical services.
             (4) How successful something is: the health of your marriage/ finances.

Nature (1) All the plants, animals and things that exist in the universe that are not man made by people: Man made substance not found in nature.
             (2) The way that things happen in the physical world when it is not controlled by people: Her illness was nature's way of telling her to do less.
             (3) The usual way that a person or an animal behaves that is part of their character: it's not in his nature to be unkind.
             (4) The basic qualities of a thing: It's difficult to define the exact nature of the problem.
            (5) A type or kind of something: Don't worry about things of that nature.
           (6) in adjective, Having the type of character or quality mentioned: A good natured man.

Nurture (1) verb, To care for and protect somebody or something while they are growing and developing: Children nurtured by loving parents.
             (2) To help somebody or something to develop and be successful: It's important to nurture a good working relationship
            (3) To have a feeling, an idea, a plan, etc.for a long time and encourage it to develop: She secretly nurtured a hope of becoming famous.
            Noun care, encouragement and support given to somebody or something while they are growing.

Yes, I know some people will be asking what's the use of putting these things here like we don't know the meaning rather than going straight to the point. Am only trying to make other readers see other point of view that maybe i couldn't see or express in this article.

Looking at each meaning of these key words there are suitable meaning that match the topic am talking about. Mental (2)
            Health (2)
            Nature (2)
            Nurture (1) and noun.

From the meaning mental and health goes together and have almost the same meaning, but nature and nurture are two different words entirely that mental health is based on.

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Cinque Terre
They are the two main factors that influence our life. Thinking of it from the meaning, all of them from one to six and one to three nature and nurture respectively are involved here. It is from these two comes other factors which can be as many as when detailed.

Nature= Biological factor.

Nurture= Social factor _ psychological factor.

There are three important factors that negatively or positively influence our health as a whole which are biological factor, social factor and psychological process. These things in one way or the other affect our health and should be taken note of. We understand our mental health differently from another.

Mental health is also determined by biological factor because it involves the brain and the brain works biologically.

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Cinque Terre
Mental health is caused by different factors that affect the brain which is the control center responsible for perception, cognition,attention,memory,emotions and actions. Genetic variation explains why people behave differently.

Life experiences also contributes mental health ,it affects an individual's wellbeing. Some people who have this problem that wasn't from birth were affected as a result of life event and experiences. Biological and social factor are related and should be balanced.

Psychological process is like a bridge that connects social and biological factor. It involves the mind,emotions and behavior of a person. All these factors are linked to each other but psychological process is the heart of all or centre of attraction.

I think the best strategy for alleviating these is the way we respond to situations around us which is very important and also determines the outcome of the problem.

Developing a positive mindset about life is the best thing that can happen to an individual. We need to understand that there are things we have to learn to live with (Truth about life) to avoid unnecessary heartbreaks. A relaxed attitude lengthens a man's life, gentle words cause life and health. A cheerful heart does good like medicine but a broken spirit makes one sick (prov17:22). When a man is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong, when a man is cheerful, everything seems right.
If the problem is from birth, then the person needs medical attention, love and care.



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