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“I Can Never Support My Husband With House Rent, It's His Responsibility” - Lady

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Young lady laments over a discussion with her boyfriend on stepping in to assist with house rent in the future.

According to the lady, it is not in her place to ever support such bills as it is the responsibility of her man.

Seeking advise through an anonymous source, she wrote;

"I'm a 9-5 worker, we were talking on phone this morning and he advised that I think of business, I said yes I already have that in mind for future when kids come, moreover there's no enough money now and I don't really have the time cos of work, that's not the issue but the statement he made was that.

"He doesn't need to ask me but maybe in future he can ask me to please support with some money for our house rent", in my mind I'm already having issue with that statement, does it mean he has plans of asking me to contribute for house rent?

"Did he really mean that or I'm I overreacting? I wanted to call him back and clarify but just decided to send this to hear what people think because I can't be with a man that will be extorting from me as I currently need someone that can support me too, I'm not stingy , I will be doing my own little things but I won't accept contributing to house rent bill because it's the man's responsibility. I want a responsible man that can cater for a family while me a wife supports sometimes or once in a while".



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