What Happens When Stop Having A Sex

What Happens When Stop Having A Sex EnigmaLeo     1466  

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Have you ever wonder if God only created sex for mere reproduction or giving birth to offspring, so as to keep human in existence? 
There are some benefits medically that sex does to human body, and when body is deprived of it for a longer period of time, it also has some negativity ,but mind you; having said sex has benefits, doesn't give you a license to promiscuity and remember too much of everything is bad.
Let's take one by one the effects of staying off sex in men and women:

1) SLEEPINESS DISORDER: Lovemaking is good as a stress relief. Have you ever wonder sometimes when you engage in intercourse,you usually have a nice sound sleep? It improves the quality of your sleep thus, there's a connection between both. It does happen mostly to women.

2) PAINS AND ACHES: Dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters for our feeling of satisfaction and pleasure which increases during lovemaking. There's also emission of feel-good hormones which trigger opoid receptors in the brain that helps reduces pain and stress.

3) DECLINATION OF PROSTATE HEALTH: I hope we all know what prostate is? There's a lower risk of prostate cancer for men who engage in intercourse (21 times minimum a month compared to men with 4-8times in a month).

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Meanwhile, those with lower frequency tend to have an increase risk of prostate cancer also risk of dying from other medical problem.

4) UTIs LOWER RISK CONTACT: Avoiding sexual intercourse is beneficial if suffering from Urinary tract infections. We all know that the risk of STIs reduces when stop lovemaking and it should be known also that it decreases the risk of UTI as lovemaking causes bacteria spreading into the urethra from bowel or vagina cavity.

5) MENSTRUAL CRAMPS: One of the ways to reduce period and menstrual cramps is indulging in love making during which body releases endorphins that relax the body. Women, who abstain long from intercourse tends to experience menstrual cramps.

Hope this will be an eye opener. Thanks for reading.

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