How To Create Self Awareness


How To Create Self Awareness

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 This blog post is based on this question "Is there anything a person can do to gain greater self awareness? What has worked for me?

Gaining greater self awareness depends on what you mean by that or what you have in mind to achieve.

Gaining greater self awareness on your business, career or life needs promotion and exhibition of work especially on social media.

Social media is a major medium for creating awareness. It's also a business that has unlimited potential with a client base that span across the world. This trend is unlikely to die soon, if ever and new platforms are being released every year, making the possibilities of expansion limitless, that's why I advice people to invest in it because it pays sooner or later in future.

I make use social media platforms for self awareness and it's really helping me because it has brought me to this level and will still take me far more than I can think of by God's grace.

There are a lot of social media platforms you can use to create awareness like facebook, tweeter,instagram, Quora,linkedln etc depending on the field you want to promote.

I have read a lot of articles and blog post on how to get traffic for your website, people have different ideas and similar opinions on how to drive traffic for a blog, but I believe everyone is writing according to their experience and what has worked for them. There are a lot of website and blog of different niche on internet that's why there is competition and getting traffic is very difficult for new bloggers, because of that some end up giving up and deleting their blog.

How to create self awareness for your blog according to my experience and what has been working for me.

For a new blog, start first to choose wisely by creating a fan page on any social media platforms where your target audience is active, so that you can share your blog post there and get at least few visitors to your blog.

If possible first build and grow your fan page to create awareness for your blog which is what I did that's why I opened my Facebook page before my blog. I started my Facebook page with my friends before inviting my other Facebook friends to join tho is not everyone that accepted my invite which is normal so you should have that in mind and don't think is not working out. Have other social media account to promote and create awareness for your blog and don't depend on only one platform.

The next step is putting effort in creating titles for your blog post because they are very important and not just the content.

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Titles entice readers whether to click and read more to know the content of the post.

Consistency and quality content also matters. You can have a fixed schedule of how to run your blog for easy organization, identification and consistency.

Build a database of email address to keep the communication flowing between you and your audience. Encourage your audience to subscribe to your email and follow your blog to help stay in touch.

Engage in conversations, share your knowledge and content related to your topic. Collaborate with other bloggers and experts, interact with them by following, visiting and reading other blogs of different niche. Learn to like and leave a comment on any post because is a way of reaching other audience and letting them reach you. Sincerely, this works because I tried it and is working for me.

You can also add short videos to supplement your blog post, it can drive a lot of traffic especially when it goes viral and add photos to compliment your blog post for visual purposes and clarification based on the post.

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Including keywords in the Alt image tag on the photos help boost blog post on search engine optimization (SEO).

Learn to appreciate your audience and let them know that you are grateful, you care about them and their opinions. Say thank you and can even engage conversations with them.

Create give away events for them to win prizes for commenting, sharing blog post and being active on your blog. You can provide prizes yourself or raise funds by inviting other individuals and companies to donate or sponsor your event.

Writing a book or an e_ book will help you create self awareness for your blog as an expert. You can also invite guest contributors to your blog and try to be a guest blogger for other website depending on your niche, this helps to find new audience and to drive traffic from other websites.

Honestly, finding websites for guest blogging is difficult due to a lot of terms and policies that might not suit yours because I have tried countless times tho I was once a guest blogger for before they created another website for guest bloggers which is maybe you can try applying for their website. This was my first article

Always try new other new things and not just blogging to create media presence.


Be ready to expose yourself to new audience by finding other similar or related things to do like vlogging, podcast show, radio, TV shows etc. I already have a podcast of my own on podbean after taking a podcast course on future learn but is kind of inactive because I want to launch it first on a radio so that I can use it for vlogging.

For me I promote my blog on Facebook, tweeter, Quora as a writer and also create self awareness on Instagram and other platforms available. I have started advertising my page and website on Facebook and Instagram using my little resources and I will advice you to do the same, make use of the opportunities you have on social media for your blog.

 Is not up to a year I started blogging because is just my six months of blogging and I have been seeing results of my hardwork, I really appreciate God for putting me on the right path and establishing my plan

Finally, always read and keep reading to gain more knowledge and meet up the competition. Learn more about blogging and practice what you have learnt to know what works for you on your niche. I have a blog post I wrote on habits that can be of help

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