Do Mosquitoes Really Feed On Human Blood?

Do Mosquitoes Really Feed On Human Blood? EnigmaLeo     1025  

9 months ago

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I know no one would find it funny if someone is asked,what does mosquito feed on and he or she says"human blood".

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Cinque Terre
The so called flying insects has become so irritants and annoying nuisances in our environment likewise the causes of Malaria disease which cause high death rate in the world.

This article is about to shed lights on why mosquito bite humans for blood but not using the blood as their source of food!.

Moreso,do you really know that only female mosquito bites, and what does a male mosquito feeds on?
 As we know that human bloods contain many nutrients, enzymes, hormones, metabolic waste, high in protein, amino acids; so this makes it a best bet substances for female mosquito.

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Cinque Terre
Without all these,female mosquito can't produce eggs effectively and the only place to get these nutrients in high amount is from humans. 
Therefore,female mosquito needs to bite, pierce human body to extract blood for egg production and not as food.

Question,what does Mosquitoes now feed on?

Mosquitoes feeds on the general food of insects as they're of no difference to other insects around us like flies, butterflies etc which foods may include water, nectar from plants, and plants sap.
Summarily, only female mosquito suck on blood and not get nutrients for themselves but to grow their eggs. 
On a normal day, both male and female mosquitoes feeds on liquid plant materials to survive.
Hence, if mosquitoes stop getting human blood supplies,they continue to live but may not reproduce.



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Doosefaith (Basic)   4 mths
Interesting..i didn't know this until now



Doosefaith (Basic)   4 mths