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Had I Know At Last

Had I Know At Last Exepe  

2 years ago

~1.1 mins read
I met a guy last two years...we HV been friends for a while now, almost leading to a relationship....along the line I noticed that I fell deeply in love with this guy but don't think he loves me deeply as I do,(don't know whether he doesn't express love though)....
Two days ago, a thought came to me to play a prank on this so called guy to know if he really values me which he finds difficult to express or not
So, I sent him a text ,told him that it's over between us,he should not call me again ND stuff like that(remember it was a prank on),,I was codedly waiting for his my greatest surprise,he never did till this day so I was kinda asking myself,does this guy really value the thing we shared,cos if he do,he will definitely call back to ask questions or fight for the so called relationship
I did this cos considering his past life,I wasn't so sure of him especially him being so friendly with girls
My question:
1.did i overstep my boundaries by playing that prank? you think he really care about this relationship in the sense that he never called back? you think I should give him some time to see his reaction since it happened two days ago
Seriously,am confused ND don't know what to do😢😢😢
Pls help a sister....
Good morning ma...pls Post and hide my ID...I will be in the comments section

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