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To be a government is to be able to visit a public hospital 
Send your children to same unity public school And to be a Nigerian and be ignorant is to keep voting in people because of where they come from instead of where we want to go. 
Voting unskilled leader's will definitely lead us to unskilled direction. 
Collecting bribe in other to vote a leader in, selling our future just for a penny we trade our generation to torture and become tool for own future distruction in violence pain anger and poverty!

We complain about the system when we collaborate to corrupt the system, this solution of life struggle is within ourselves We don't need bullet proof vest when we are dying of corruption 
Your votes can keep you alive We are killing each other just in name of political game.

Mr politician before you sponsor your face book page and use celebrities for your campaign propaganda there is something I want you to know,. A thousands and millions like doesn't make you the leader we like The terms *YOU* is use by politician who pretend like they care

Who teaches the police rights when they are never wrong! Constitution need to be learnt in school,we can't all grow up in the right place at least let's know what is the right way.

I need my MOTHER to vote like her VOTE contains my nephews FUTURE 
Change won't come when our leaders change Change come when we change Freedom don't come free but freedom is under control your vote will keep you alive.

Politicians are not your friend and that's why we are constantly bleeding because they are never sorry.

We lose our minds and our leaders lost their thoughts. We don't vote leaders because of their name There is no special place village or town where leaders come from Because leader's comes from within us. Voting some one because of their religion colour tribe is the highest degree of stupidity 
We know the system is bad and corrupt but before you blame the system take responsibility Because leaders are reflection of who we are. _Mufasapoet 
#changewontcome#freedomdontcomeforfree#mufasapoet#zemasworld Good morning Africa! Good morning Nigeria! Zemasworld.

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