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What Is Your Unique Definition Of An Outwardly Cute Man Or Beautiful Lady?

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This thread was created to accentuate the fact that everybody is good looking in different ways and no matter how insecure you feel about your outward appearance, it will shock you to know that you have a unique feature someone out there is looking for in a may think you are not pretty enough but there is a guy out there who is not interested in your face but will do anything to have you for your curves, a guy may think he is too short but there is a lady out there who cares less about your height but just love your body frame...

Amazingly, each one of us has that unique deal maker outwardly visible feature that attracts us to the opposite sex. The strange twist is that it is different for everyone and whilst some may sound normal, some may sound so out of place but that is the mystery of attraction.

For me I don't care about the face, skin color, or height of a lady... just have nice curves and molds in the right places and that is more than enough for me... So ladies and guys let us know that unique feature(s) that attracts you to the opposite sex no matter how odd it may sound.

Over to you all.
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