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WARNING!!! Before You Think Of Building A House, Please Learn From The Story Of This House Near My Street

There is an uncompleted building near my street that strikes a chord inside me anytime I walk pass that narrow street, and that building passes a really deep message to me anytime I see it. What makes the house convey so much lesson to me is the magnificence of the house that has been left to lie in ruins because the house was never completed.


The owner literarily looks like a ghost house, and is only inhabited by the layabouts in that street. This house would have been the most exotic house in that area if it had been completed. And merely looking at it, you would know that a good amount of money had been sunk into it.

I found it worthy to share the photos and story of this house so that others can learn from the mistakes that led to this house being left uncompleted at that stage. It was a big mistake from the owner that led to it, and such mistakes need to be avoided whenever you want to build your own house.

The owner of the house hit money, which he decided to use and build a house. He had plans of building a really magnificent house, just as you've seen in the photos. But he didn't draw up his budget to know if the money he had at hand was enough to help him achieve the kind of house he dreamt to build. It's true, everyone desires to build a mighty house, but the question is, is your pocket buoyant enough to help you achieve that?

So his money got finished, and he had no choice than to abandon the project halfway, and it has been left that way for years. The man could have finished the house, and would have since started to enjoy his money, if he had gone for the kind of design that was equal to his financial might. But he embarked on a project without first weighing if the amount of money he had was enough to see him through it.

The story of this house should be a lesson to everyone planning to build a house. It is better to build yourself a bungalow and finish it, than to embark on building a two or three storey building that you cannot finish. Even if it two or three bedroom apartment that your money can carry, then build it. Nobody will come and question you why you didn't a mansion instead. Only embark on a project that you can finish.

Just like the owner of that house near my street, many people have made that similar mistake too. They wanted to build mansions, without being sure if the money they had was enough to help them achieve that. And in the end, they had to abandon the projects halfway, and many of them were never able to complete those houses again. And just like breeze, all the money went like that.

Don't be a victim of such a mistake. You are not in a competition with anyone. Don't start a building you cannot finish just because you want to impress people. Before you start any building project, first of all weigh your pocket, and draw up a budget. Then find out the kind of house that your financial might can carry. It is more honorable to start a simple house and finish it, than to start a mansion and abandon it halfway.

I hope this article has been of benefit to you. What are your thoughts on it? Also, like and share the article so that others can benefit from it too. Thanks for reading! 


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Yimika001 (Basic)   2 months ago
This is really helpful

Pauplin (Basic)   2 months ago

Chidexstar (Basic)   2 months ago
hope this article has been of benefit to you. What are your thoughts on it?.
It help ooooooo very well

Chomsky20 (Basic)   2 months ago
Thanks for the information

Prizinny (Basic)   2 months ago
Nice article


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