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This Is The Reason Why My Relationship With Men Keep Failing

I dated many guys in the past and it all ended badly that i have to give up on dating.. From what i learnt , these are the reasons why i fail..

- Men like sex a lot and someone that can satisfy their sexual needs--
i hate sex, don't really see anything good in it. I suck at bores me.. Sorry guys, i don't see anything good lusting over human flesh.. Can't satisfy..

-- i love being dominant:-
I will be dating a guy that will be telling me to wash his plates, dress this way and that, don't do this or that. Damn no one has the guts to control my life not after all the shit i have been through.
I refuse to get controlled. I do whatever i want, chat with him whenever i want, dress anyhow i want..

-- Money:
I can't date a guy that can't take care of my needs. What am i using him for except i have a job maybe i could date broke men?? And he knows i have no job. Me poor, him poor so how will that work??

-- I'm very moody:
Most times i'm sad and depressed. Only thing thing that cures me from this is music and sleep..its not easy to me

Bottom line:: Just not interested in getting romantic attached with anyone . Tired

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