Should Sex Always Be Super Satisfying Or Are We Hyping Up Our Expectations?

Should Sex Always Be Super Satisfying Or Are We Hyping Up Our Expectations?

5 years ago

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We’ve all had sex that didn’t really satisfy us but does that mean we didn’t enjoy the experience? The thing with sex is that the woke millennial will always fight for just how satisfying and self-empowering it is meant to be. Is that true, always? I, personally, don’t feel so. You might have sex with someone you love and not be 100% satisfied, but still find the whole act so therapeutic that you choose to ignore the lower satisfaction levels. 

How does this work? 

There are two sides to every coin. Either you’re having sex with someone you don’t particulary care about emotionally, or you’re doing it with someone you care about too much.


The scenario changes with each situation.

When it’s the former, either it’s with a one night stand or a fuck buddy you’re comfortable with. We all have made our peace with the fact that a one night stand might look super tempting because the guy is handsome and ticking all the right boxes when it comes to irresistible appeal, but there is no guarantee what that d**k can do. As women, we’ve accepted that it could go either way. However, to deem the whole experience--from the chase to climax--as pointless is also a bit harsh.


Sure, you might not have been satisfied to the maximum like you thought you would be, but you might’ve enjoyed the foreplay which also counts for something. 

The other situation is when you’re in love with the person you’re having sex with. Sometimes you do find yourself being a little more selfless. He might be done before you but, again, can you label the whole act dissatisfactory? Perhaps not. 

What we’re trying to say is that sex is not always meant to give you charam sukh. You can have sex with someone under different circumstances, and under different emotional situations. Our intention with the act might be to orgasm like a broken down washing machine but that cannot be the only metric for a great time. It’s putting sex on a pedestal--if it’s not like the ones written about in erotic movies, it’s not good at all. Be slightly patient and more forgiving--towards yourself for thinking that way and your partner--we’re sure they’re trying everything they know themselves! 

By-Srijoni Roy

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