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She Says She Won't Marry Me If I Don't Go For NYSC. See Reasons

Greetings to you all. Let's have a small family meeting.

Based on my course of study, I have mapped out plans and strategies (blueprint) on setting up my firm where I'll do my private practice once I'm stable economically. By God's grace, in the future, I see government and even private firms coming to seek my services as a technocrat cum consultant in that field. But my woman (fiancée) is saying those who didn't serve and receive NYSC discharged are not regarded as graduates even though they've exemption letter citing discrimination and even example coming from her uncle of how people were disqualified from appointment for not having NYSC discharged. Please how true is that submission of hers? Does such discrimination actually exist in government and private organizations?

Below are my reasons for not desiring to serve. First, I'm above 30. Second, not really freak about the NYSC of thing. Third, at the moment, I'm unemployed but applicant. Fourth, I don't want to waste another one year when I should be hunting "cool cash" instead of 33k. Fifth, even if I want to start going back to do all those age forgery stuff and the rest, like I said, a jobless/applicant like me can't boast of 70k (or even more) to start running all those stuff but she's hell bent I serve. Is NYSC really such a big deal?

What advice do you have to offer? I'll appreciate.



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